Digital Art. Art in the Digital Era
redazione | 7 June

In recent years, new technologies have radically changed the way of using, creating and collecting art. Thanks to Digital Art,

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The First ChatBOT Book for Art
redazione | 17 April

Today the systems of interaction and automated messaging are fundamental tools also within the art world. Museums, institutions and galleries

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Annapaola Negri-Clementi Art Rights
ANNAPAOLA NEGRI-CLEMENTI – interview with the lawyer
redazione | 11 March

Protecting and enhancing one’s own art collection requires attention to implement procedures and verifications that take place in all those

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La figura del registrar Art Rights
The Registrar
redazione | 8 March

Museums, public and private institutions that operate within the art world, have in their staff well-defined professionals that are involved

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Archivio d'artista Art Rights
The artist’s archive
redazione | 4 March

The Artist’s Archive is a precious ally for the protection and promotion of the artistic and economic heritage of an

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Il portfolio per l'artista Art Rights
The Art Portfolio
redazione | 1 March

The Portfolio is the tool that allows the artist to present his artworks, a strategic selection of images to approach

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I premi d'arte Art Rights
The Art Prizes
redazione | 27 February

In the artistic panorama, art prizes are important opportunities for artists. Art prizes allow artists to present their research to

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simone fugazzotto artista andrea concas
SIMONE FUGAZZOTTO – Interview with the artist
redazione | 26 February

Being a professional artist requires transversal skills and capabilities, which can not always be acquired in an academic context. The

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intelligenza artificiale Art Rights Blockchain
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Interview with Angela Saltarelli of Studio Chiomenti
redazione | 19 February

Artificial Intelligence, like a great revolution, attracts all the fields of human activities. Even in the system and in the

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Blockchain per l'arte Art Rights
Blockchain for Art
redazione | 7 February

The Blockchain finds space in the system and in the art market, always marked by opacity of data, as a

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