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    Art Rights is the first platform to support the management and certification of artworks to protect artists, collectors and art players.

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    Manage your art collection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    Upload an unlimited number of works of art, update the information, check the certification status and share it in total security and privacy thanks to temporary permits.

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    Certify your artworks with the Art Rights Certificate, track the history of the works, the transfers of ownership and all the crucial information to enhance your collection.
    Become a Validator and earn from your certifications.

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    Get in touch with the greatest art professional to ensure, handle, manage, certify and increase the value of your artworks.

    Art Manager

    Manage your Art...

    The first management system that allows you to catalog and manage your art collection in complete privacy.

    Share your works with the greatest professionals of the art, thanks to temporary permits to protect copyright.

    Manage information such as Condition Report, Insurance and Handling in a single secure, practical and fast document.

    Art Rights

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    Create Art Rights certificates of authenticity to protect your artworks.

    Become a certified validator and earn by releasing your confirmations for the authenticity of the works.

    Check, share and sell your certificates directly with the best collectors and professionals.

    Art Concierge

    Increase the value of your Art...

    Get in touch with the most important art professionals to manage and increase the value of your art collection.

    Send the cards of your works to request legal, insurance, transport, curation and handling services.

    Get in touch with gallery owners, museums, institutions, curators, critics and art professionals.

    Protect and earn from your art collection ...

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    2 free months for artists and professionals in quarantine

    What is happening these days is truly incredible, we are all at home, united, to defeat this Coronavirus together.

    For this reason we have decided to make our contribution, supporting ARTISTS and ART PROFESSIONALS in our way.

    ART RIGHTS magazine

    Discover the secrets of art professionals

    Interview with Angela Saltarelli Art Lawyer of CHIOMENTI –

    In this interview, Angela Saltarelli tells us about her journey into art law that began under the California sun, which continues today in Italy but with an international vision.

    Collecting Emerging Artists

    The purchase of works by emerging artists constitutes an expanding market share. Start your art collection with the works of emerging artists

    The Museum Revolution – by Roberto Concas

    For museums, the lockdown with the foreclosed physical spaces was an opportunity to enter the world of digital and online. For many, the experience proved to be new and perhaps tiring, certainly unusual, as full of surprises and curiosities in a substantially unexplored terrain. As for what has happened, it is possible to affirm that an attention has spread that has taken on the profile of the need, such as that of the opportunity, up to that of the indispensability to operate in the new digital frontiers.

    The Phase 2 of Museums and Art Galleries

    From 18 May in Italy museums, parks and archaeological areas together with art galleries and cultural spaces have started to reopen.

    Interview with Lapo SERGI President of APICE SCrl –

    Randomness and a bit of luck, together with high specialization are the ingredients that have determined the path of Lapo Sergi, Presidents of APICE SCrl, a unique company with a strong internationally recognized identity dedicated to packaging, transport, shipping and storage services of works of art.

    Museums: Post Coronavirus Statistics

    MUSEUMS: POST CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS The numbers of the impact of CO-VID 19 ISTAT has published the trend and scenarios on state museums, providing estimates of the...