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The Art Startups

Identifying a “gray area” in a specific market, having an idea, transforming it into a business opportunity, with a scalable and replicable model generating a profit is the primary purpose of a startup. The model does not change if the startup itself is focused on art and its multiple variations, both in production and in

Interview with Lorenzo Balbi – Artistic Director of the MAMbo Bologna Museum – ProfessioneARTE

He is Lorenzo Balbi artistic director of the MAMbo Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. Five questions for get to know the great art professionals, the daily challenges to be faced, the choices that have determined their path in the system and in the art market, the changes under the banner of digital and the

#IStayAtHome and I certify my artworks with Art Rights, 2 months FREE for Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals

An absolute preview of Art Rights to support Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals! 2 months free to manage, certify and increase the value of your art in this delicate moment of our history.

Instagram Stories: Complete Guide for Artists

Doubts about how to make effective Instagram Stories for your art? Here is the complete guide for artists

How to transport an artwork

The transport of an artwork is one of the most delicate phases to face, because it exposes the work to a series of possible damages and a high risk that can compromise its physical and therefore economic integrity. Here are the main conditions for transporting an artwork

The most used social networks for art

Even the world of art has now been literally overwhelmed by social networks. But what are the most used by artists, art galleries, museums, collectors and professionals?

Interview with Elena Zaccarelli- Specialist Modern and Contemporary Art Christie’s – ProfessioneARTE

Art Rights Magazine in collaboration with ProfessioneARTE.it dedicate the first weekly column to the great protagonists of the art world, professionals in a specific sector, today more than ever, in constant change. Five questions to get a preview of the characteristics of their profession, the daily challenges to face, the choices that determined their path

Coronavirus and Quarantine: 6 “art things” to do

Here are some tips to better spend your quarantine without leaving art out, among videos, podcasts, virtual tours, online courses, artist archives and much more!

The restoration of Street Art works

The restoration or conservation of Street Art are practices that have only recently been considered. When, how and why are they to be implemented?

The uses of social networks in the art world

Social networks have become access keys to the world of art and the ways of using them are a lot. Here are the main ones…

The reasoned catalogue

Tool to support the artist, the collector and the whole art system. Discover its importance

How to become a professional artist

Being a professional artist also means acquiring management, communication and promotion skills to support your art. Let’s find out how and why

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Il digitale non è solo un mezzo per promuovere l’arte, ma anche un nuovo medium per produrla. .
Molti artisti stanno sperimentando questa nuova via. Un esempio? .
@refikanadol, il media artist che sta spopolando sui social.
Refik unisce arte e neuroscienze, creando installazioni immersive di grande forza evocativa.
🎨 Questa è “Melting Memories”, un’ installazione che mostra come funziona il cervello quando elabora i ricordi.
------------------------------------- Digital is not only a means of promoting art, but also a new way of producing it.
Many artists are experimenting with this new way. An example?
@refikanadol, the media artist who is gaining a lot of success on social media.
Refik combines art and neuroscience, creating immersive installations of great evocative force.
🎨This is “Melting Memories”, an installation that shows how the brain works when processing memories.
📸Courtesy of the artist
#refikanadol #artsrights #artbacker #arteconcas #artrightsmagazine #protectyourart #buyart #artprofessionals #professionearte #digitalart #mediaart #installation #artinstallation #digital
I social networks sono strumenti imprescindibili per accedere al mondo dell’arte.
Oggi, grazie a queste piattaforme, è possibile comprare nuove opere, conoscere gli artisti, visitare virtualmente un museo, una mostra o una galleria d’arte.
Ma quali sono i social networks maggiormente utilizzati nel mondo dell’arte?
Scoprili subito nel nostro nuovo articolo
Social networks are essential tools for accessing the world of art.
Today, thanks to these platforms, it is possible to buy new works, get to know the artists, virtually visit a museum, an exhibition or an art gallery.
What are the most used social networks in the art world?
Discover them now in our new article!
. 📸@alexisrael @gagosian
#artsrights #artbacker #arteconcas #artmarket #artrightsmagazine #protectyourart #buyart #artprofessionals #professionearte #artmarketing #artistoninstagram #socialmediaart










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