How to prepare for a virtual exhibition

    Participating in a virtual exhibition is an opportunity to exhibit and sell your works online, find out how an artist must prepare

    The Agencies for Artists

    Abroad, the Artists Managers have created real Representation Agencies that invest in the Artist

    How to create the Certificate of Authenticity

    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity

    Who organizes the art prizes?

    Which companies are committed to organizing and promoting art awards? The types can be many and varied, let's find out together

    How to recognize the validity of an art prize

    Let's discover together some parameters to measure the authority of an art prize, in collaboration with the Art Rights Prize

    Which artists can participate in an art prize?

    Who are the art prizes for? Are all artists admitted? Let's find out together in our new article

    The importance of the Partners of an Art Prize

    Valutare I Parnter, il loro coinvolgimento nel mondo dell’arte e i premi che offrono sono tutti punti cruciali per valutare un premio d'arte

    How to prepare to participate in an prize?

    5 tips to be ready to change your artistic career by participating in an Art Prize

    When to Contact an Art Lawyer: A Guide for Artists

    The Law Firms have created real "Art Law" Departments which include Lawyers capable of supporting art professionals, first of all artists.

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