4 tips to start documenting your art

    Documenting one's art is essential for an artist who wants to be recognized as a professional in the art system and market.

    6 tips to believe in your art

    How not to give up opportunities to improve your career as an artist for fear of not being up to par

    How to create an Art Community

    The world of art is also learning to reap the benefits that a cohesive community entails in terms of digital strategy.

    I 3 migliori Software Online per artisti

    Esistono alcuni software online, in grado di semplificare notevolmente il lavoro degli artisti, dalla gestione delle opere fino ai contenuti social.

    The must have of an artist to introduce himself to a gallery owner

    The must have of an artist to introduce himself to a gallery owner | Art Rights

    Why create your own Artist Archive

    Having a complete and updated archive is essential for the development of an Artist's career. Let's find out why!

    How to prepare for a virtual exhibition

    Participating in a virtual exhibition is an opportunity to exhibit and sell your works online, find out how an artist must prepare

    The Agencies for Artists

    Abroad, the Artists Managers have created real Representation Agencies that invest in the Artist

    How to create the Certificate of Authenticity

    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity

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