Certify your art with Certificates of Art Rights

    Art Rights
    certify your art

    Create the Art Rights Certificates to prove the authorship, provenance and authenticity of your works of art.
    Thanks to a cutting-edge legal system compliant with Copyright Law con Utenti Verificati e data certa con tecnologia Blockchain.
    Certify your works and request confirmation information to other users such as gallery owners, curators and museums creating a real Art Passport.
    Become a Certified Validator and earn with the release of validations on other Certificates by joining an international art community.
    Art Rights, a new protocol for the exchange of information for the verification of Authenticity and Document Kit in support of Provenance and Due Diligence for greater confidence in the Art market.

    become a certified validator


    Create the Authenticity Certificates of your works with a certain date in favor of your copyright.
    Earn money by validating second market works and release the authentic ones as a true Artist Archive.


    Create them Certificate of possession of your works by digitizing the documentary kit.
    Enhance your collection by requesting validations from Artists, Professionals and Museums by creating the passport of the collection.


    Create the Attestation Certificates according to the provisions of the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape D.L. of Jan. 22, 2004, n. 42.
    Earn money by validating the works of your collectors.


    Digitize the Authentication Issue, receive payments and manage the Artist Archive online.
    Enhance and trace the historical memory, the exhibition and the exhibits with the Certificate of Passage for Museums and institutions.

    how it works

    confirms the information of the Art Rights Certificates

    Art Rights strongly believes that behind each work of art there is its own history, for this reason it has created a unique system to digitize the historian of works in favor of authenticity.
    Valuing all the stakeholders who have contributed to increasing the historical, cultural and economic value of a work of art.
    By creating new GAIN opportunities in revenue share on the validations granted for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Museums, institutions and Professionals in the sector.


    Verified Users

    Each User, Validator and Not, is verified during registration with a KYC process (Know Your Customer) according to the new European directives and associated with an Anonymous code.
    A Safe, Private and Verified Community.


    Art Rights was designed to protect artists and operators in the sector according to copyright law and disciplines regarding the protection of intellectual and creative property.
    Protect and Protect your Art.

    Legal value

    Thanks to Verified Users and Timestamp Validation it is possible to self-certify the information with a legally verifiable cryptographic system.
    Time demonstration and certain date.

    Timestamp Blockchain

    Art Rights uses Blockchain technology (Distributed Database) Encrypted in complete privacy and security to certify the Validations with date, time, user and the entire Art rights Certificate
    Verifiable and safe innovative technology.

    request validations

    Once you have created your Art Rights Certificate, you can request confirmation of the information from the Validators present on the platform.
    Time demonstration and certain date.


    Release the Validations according to your experience and knowledge of the work and receive a compensation for the time dedicated and for the verification.
    Confirm | Request more information | Deny


    Check the Authenticity of the Certificates and if they are present on the platform thanks to the unique code of the work, the Tag Art Rights and Hash.
    Free and unlimited verification of the works.


    Sell ​​and Buy Art Rights Certificates to document the works, to update your archive and enhance your collection.
    When you sell the work, you also sell the Certificate.


    starting from

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    Become an Art Rights Validator and earn from the issue of validations and the sale of certificates.

    You will have included in your package:
    • Art Manager
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    • Art Concierge
    • Online Assistance and Webinar
    • Unlimited works insertion
    • Unlimited Art Rights certificates
    • Timed works sharing
    • Verification of works certificates
    • Access to the Community of Professionals
    • Sale of your works and certificates
    • Earn from your Validations

    Manage your art collection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Certify your works of art with the Art Rights Certificate..

    Get in touch with the greatest professionals of the art.

    cloud system

    Art Rights works online without NO SOFTWARE to download with login and password.
    Based on AWS protocols and standards - Amazon Web Services, to ensure the best and reliable service.

    Privacy & Security

    Art Rights is a PRIVATE Professional platform.
    No data will EVER BE SHARED with the outside.
    Each User is VERIFIED and we use advanced Cryptographic systems, Timestamp Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

    User Experience

    Manage your collection from computers, tablets and smartphones at any time and anywhere in the world.
    Catalog and DIGITIZE your works and documents in an EASY, SAFE, FAST and INTUITIVE way.



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