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The world of art is changing and thus new opportunities and professional figures are emerging which are increasingly required to have transversal skills in the economic, legal, marketing or communication


In October, all the eyes of the art world were focused on London for the London Frieze Week, with some unmissable events. Among these, the Contemporary Art Evening Auction by

Buying art online

The online art market is increasingly attracting the interest of collectors and art lovers, with numbers in continuous growth in recent years. Galleries and auction houses invest in their presence

The black art market on Facebook

“The illicit traffic in the art world has an annual value of 8 billion dollars a year” A disconcerting fact what we read in the article of Sole 24Ore on

Digital Art. Art in the Digital Era

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In recent years, new technologies have radically changed the way of using, creating and collecting art. Thanks to Digital Art, artists are constantly searching for new ways of artistic expression,

The First ChatBOT Book for Art

Today the systems of interaction and automated messaging are fundamental tools also within the art world. Museums, institutions and galleries are looking for new solutions to increase the engagement of

ANNAPAOLA NEGRI-CLEMENTI – interview with the lawyer

Protecting and enhancing one’s own art collection requires attention to implement procedures and verifications that take place in all those fundamental phases that concern the life of an artwork. It

The artist’s archive

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The Artist’s Archive is a precious ally for the protection and promotion of the artistic and economic heritage of an artist’s life, in favor of the future of his production,

SIMONE FUGAZZOTTO – Interview with the artist

Being a professional artist requires transversal skills and capabilities, which can not always be acquired in an academic context. The art world is full of risks and the possibility of

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Interview with Angela Saltarelli of Studio Chiomenti

Artificial Intelligence, like a great revolution, attracts all the fields of human activities. Even in the system and in the art market, Artificial Intelligence is finding its space, being increasingly