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    The NFT Magazine presents the new monograph on the Crypto Art of Ellen Sheidlin

    Ellen Sheidlin is the new protagonist of the monograph of The NFT Magazine, which launches the book curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera.

    The Art Market 2023. The new art market report from Art Basel and UBS

    Like every year, The Art Market 2023 arrives relentlessly, a report on the art market commissioned by Art Basel and UBS to the expert Clare McAndrew.

    Women protagonists in the art world in the form of NFTs: works, testimonials and objectives

    Come in tanti altri settori, le donne gradualmente si sono fatte largo anche nel comparto NFT, in particolare nel mondo dell’arte

    MEET Milano presents the works of HACKATAO on display

    MEET Digital Culture Center presents Remix Me #4 special event on Thursday 9 March, an artistic project by the Crypto Arte duo HACKATAO.

    Museums and NFTs: between purchases and donations

    More and more large museums in the world are acquiring NFTs, digital works of art and Crypto Art, such as the LACMA the Center Pompidou

    The NFT Magazine: the new CryptoArt Monograph with Joshua Davis

    The #02 CryptoArt Monograph features the pioneer of Generative Art Joshua Davis and the curatorship of Ronnie K. Pirovino.

    The NFT Magazine is Media Partner of #AIFactory in Milan

    On Saturday 28 January 2023 in Milan there will be 150 participants in the first edition of #AIFACTORY, a monthly event entirely dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

    All ready for the opening of Beeple Studios

    On March 11, 2023 the crypto artist Beeple inaugurates his Beeple Studios, a space to create new opportunities for the Web3 Community.

    Madonna owns a painting that belongs to the city of Amiens

    In Madonna's collection is a painting that disappeared from France a century ago. Now the mayor of Amiens is asking for the loan of the work.

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