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    Art Wealth Management: arte as investment

    Nowadays it is normal to speak of the art collection as part of a collector's heritage, which requires art wealth management services

    The strategy of online auction houses

    Auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's are experimenting with online auctions through online viewing rooms with truly amazing results

    François Pinault VS Bernard Arnault

    François Pinault and Bernard Arnault, between the two richest men in France, are rivals in business, but have a common passion: art.

    Prada and Art

    United since 1977, the famous designer Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the Prada company, began collecting contemporary art in the early nineties.

    DELOITTE Art & Finance Report 2020 Italy

    The art and collectibles market as an asset class, the trends of 2019 and post coronavirus scenarios. The challenges and opportunities to be seized thanks to technology with the interview with Andrea Concas founder of Art Rights

    The Glossary of Art Auctions

    Un breve ed efficace glossario sui termini utilizzati dalle case d’asta per partecipare alle vendite di opere ed oggetti d’arte e per aiutarti a fare la tua offerta da vero esperto.

    The Phase 2 of Museums and Art Galleries

    From 18 May in Italy museums, parks and archaeological areas together with art galleries and cultural spaces have started to reopen.

    Museums: Post Coronavirus Statistics

    MUSEUMS: POST CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS The numbers of the impact of CO-VID 19 ISTAT has published the trend and scenarios on state museums, providing estimates of the...

    Profession:Exhibit Designer

    The Exhibition Designer designs the installations of the works of art, to enhance the visitor's enjoyment

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    Lo storico dell'arte e museologo Roberto Concas ci illustra un nuovo modo di concepire le vetrine, elemento dello storytelling museale

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    The British Airways art collection is one of the most important Corporate Art Collections in England, created to support contemporary art

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