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    Fake works of art: the case of the artist Josef Albers

    An Italian art dealer was convicted of trying to sell a counterfeit Josef Albers painting. Let's find out more!

    How to create a Digital Archive for Artists

    For the artist, making a complete and updated archive of their works of art is an essential activity, let's find out why

    The Cultural Marketing Plan for Art

    The marketing plan is a phased process to define the set of resources necessary to satisfy a demand expressed by the market

    The Art copywriter: the writing professional

    The copywriter is the professional of writing, an increasingly important figure in the digital strategies of museums, professionals and artists.

    The Uffizi Galleries on Clubhouse

    The director of the Uffizi Galleries, Eike Schmidt, participated for the first time in a room on ClubHouse hosted by Andrea Concas

    The King of the Free Ports: Yves Bouvier

    Esiste un posto, senza tasse e lontano da occhi indiscreti, dove viene custodita la collezione d’arte più grande al mondo.

    Louvre online: 500 thousand works just a click away

    Louvre online: 500 thousand works just a click away. The collection of the most visited Parisian museum in the world is now visible for free on the web.

    The Women of the Work of Art

    "The Hidden Muses" by Lauretta Colonnelli tells sixteen stories of women who have changed the history of art.

    The Ministry of Culture awards Art Rights and Lieu.City

    Il Ministero della Cultura premia le migliori tecnologie per l’arte. Art Rights e Lieu.City vincitori della maratona creativa ARTathlon

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