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    Ship the works with one click thanks to Art Rights and Fercam Fine Art

    Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art present the first integrated online service at affordable prices for the transport of works of art.

    How to create a Digital Archive for Artists

    For the artist, making a complete and updated archive of their works of art is an essential activity, let's find out why

    The artwork historical

    Nel mondo dell’arte si parla dello Storico di un’opera d’arte ed è costituito da quell’insieme di informazioni che ricostruiscono lo stato attuale dell’opera d’arte

    Why create your own Artist Archive

    Having a complete and updated archive is essential for the development of an Artist's career. Let's find out why!

    Piacere Maisano discovering Art

    Il giornalista Marco Maisano dedica una puntata del suo programma Piacere Maisano in onda su TV8 alla scoperta del mondo dell’arte e dei suoi segreti, insieme a lui ospiti d’eccezione come Andrea Concas

    The Digital for Art

    Digital has made its disruptive entry into the world of art and it is good to start again from this, for an immediate and global future

    How to create the Certificate of Authenticity

    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity

    WEB SUMMIT 2020

    Art Rights participates in the new virtual edition of the largest global event for technology, the Web Summit 2020

    How to recognize the validity of an art prize

    Let's discover together some parameters to measure the authority of an art prize, in collaboration with the Art Rights Prize

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