Art Manager
    the managing system for your art

    ART manager
    manage your art

    Manage your collection in complete privacy.
    Create your archive, export the certificates of Authenticity and share your works with temporary permits. Automatically create Condition Report and cards for insurance, transportation, utilities and facility reports.


    for the needs of:


    Create your artist archive, certify and sell your works professionally


    Manage your collection, condition reports, insurance and loans.


    Sell, Share and Manage the works in complete privacy and security.


    Digitize and Automate the procedures for the issue of the Authentications.


    Catalog and digitize your works of art and their documentary kit WITHOUT LIMITS.
    Manage loans, insurance, publications, photos and videos.


    Send the cards of your works, deciding which information to share, how and with whom.
    Share them in complete privacy with temporary access permissions.


    Send the cards of your works, deciding which information to share, how and with whom.
    Share them in complete privacy with temporary access permissions.

    Buy & Sell

    Sell ​​your works and Art Rights Certificates, directly on the platform.
    Purchase Art Rights Certificates from other users and manage them directly from your Art Manager.


    Generate and download reports for collection management.


    Two easy and professional procedures for creating worksheets.
    Fast Rights for fast validation.
    The Complete Procedure in 10 sections for a punctual archive with over 200 fields.


    Generate and download the Art rights Certificates of your certified works of art.
    Decide what information to include and create legal documents with timestamps and digital certain date.

    Art Concierge

    Get in touch with the greatest professionals of the art.
    Contact them for quotes, share your works, compare and request the exclusive Art Rights Validation.

    cloud system

    Art Rights works online and it does not require ANY SOFTWARE to be downloaded with login and password.
    Based on AWS protocols and standards - Amazon Web Services, to ensure the best and reliable service.

    Privacy & Security

    Art Rights is a PRIVATE Professional platform.
    No data will EVER BE SHARED with the outside.
    Each User is VERIFIED and we use advanced Cryptographic systems, Timestamp Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

    User Experience

    Manage your collection from computers, tablets and smartphones at any time and anywhere in the world.
    Catalog and DIGITIZE your works and documents in an EASY, SAFE, FAST and INTUITIVE way.


    starting from

    5 10 /month
    15-day free trial without credit card.

    Choose the annual subscription

    Become an Art Rights Validator and earn from the issue of validations and the sale of certificates.

    You will have included in your package:
    • Art Manager
    • Art Rights
    • Art Concierge
    • Online Assistance and Webinar
    • Unlimited works insertion
    • Unlimited Art Rights certificates
    • Timed works sharing
    • Verification of works certificates
    • Access to the Community of Professionals
    • Sale of your works and certificates
    • Earn from your Validations

    Manage your art collection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    Enter an unlimited number of works of art, update the information, check the certification status and share it in total security and privacy thanks to temporary permits.

    Certify your works of art with the Art Rights Certificate, track the history, the changes of ownership and all the crucial information to enhance your collection.
    Become a Validator and earn from your certifications.

    Get in touch with the greatest Professionals of Art to ensure, handle, manage, certify and enhance your works of art.



    2 months free for artists and professionals in quarantine

    What is happening these days is truly incredible, we are all at home, united, to defeat this Coronavirus together.

    For this reason we have decided to make our contribution, supporting ARTISTS and ART PROFESSIONALS in our own way.

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