The Pinault Collection arrives in Paris

    La Bourse de Commerce di Parigi ospiterà la nuova sede della Collezione Pinault.

    How to create the Certificate of Authenticity

    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity

    Artworks tokenization

    Blockchain technology can revolutionize the art market and one of the ways is tokenization of works of art.

    Collectors and the loan of the artworks

    The Collector who chooses to lend a work of art for an exhibition must be reassured on several steps

    What is the condition report?

    Among the documents that a careful art collector should keep in their physical and / or digital archive, we find the Condition Report.

    How to archive works of art?

    New technologies are revolutionizing the way of managing art Archives and collections, in favour of Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Museums and Professionals, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the works.

    What is the Provenance for art

    The set of documents that certify all these moments, starting from the creation of the work, is called Provenance ... find out what it is

    Your art collection: what to do after your first purchase

    Your works are not only investments, but your dearest companions of adventure. So treat them with care and attention!

    Collecting performance art

    Performance Art is protected by copyright, nationally and internationally, but its temporary nature poses the problem, however, on the methods of protection and collecting.

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