Collecting performance art

    Performance Art is protected by copyright, nationally and internationally, but its temporary nature poses the problem, however, on the methods of protection and collecting.

    How to collect videoart

    Collecting video art is possible, keeping in mind a condition, a precaution and a suggestion: discover them in the article of Art Rights Magazine

    How to take part in online auctions

    HOW TO TAKE PART IN ONLINE AUCTIONS Short guid to online auction The...

    The Artwoks evaluation

    THE EVALUATION OF ARTWORKS Discover the triad of art evaluation A collector must pay increasing attention to the purchase of works of art, where the passionate...

    How to transport an artwork

    The transport of an artwork is one of the most delicate phases to face, because it exposes the work to a series of possible...

    The restoration of Street Art works

    Invasive practice or protection and opportunities for urban art? The restoration or conservation of Street Art are practices that have only recently been considered. When, how...

    Who is entitled to issue the certificate of authenticity?

    Not having the certificate of authenticity of a work of art is every collector's nightmare. Who is entitled to issue the certificate of authenticity? Let's find... – Learning for the art world becomes digital

    The world of art is changing and thus new opportunities and professional figures are emerging which are increasingly required to have transversal skills in...

    The First ChatBOT Book for Art

    The First ChatBOT Book for Art A new way to learn about art and artists Today the systems of interaction and automated messaging are fundamental tools...

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