Ship the works with one click thanks to Art Rights and Fercam Fine Art

    Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art present the first integrated online service at affordable prices for the transport of works of art.

    Digital is changing the management of art collections

    What are the advantages for collectors of starting to manage their art collection with the support of new technologies?

    Who bought Beeple’s work at Christie’s? Metakovan! by Andrea Concas

    La vendita dell'opera dell’artista digitale Beeple, per 69 milioni da Christie's cambia gli scenari del mondo dell'arte, scopriamo perché

    Made you look: a docufilm on Netflix about Knoedler Gallery’s fake artworks

    The documentary entitled "Made you look: A true story about fake Art" traces the events of the sale of fake works

    The Pinault Collection arrives in Paris

    La Bourse de Commerce di Parigi ospiterà la nuova sede della Collezione Pinault.

    How to create the Certificate of Authenticity

    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity

    Artworks tokenization

    Blockchain technology can revolutionize the art market and one of the ways is tokenization of works of art.

    Collectors and the loan of the artworks

    The Collector who chooses to lend a work of art for an exhibition must be reassured on several steps

    What is the condition report?

    Among the documents that a careful art collector should keep in their physical and / or digital archive, we find the Condition Report.

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