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    8 16 /month
    • 99 € annual subscription
    • VAT included
    • Full subscription

    As a part of a community, we have to help each

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    Art Rights is the first platform to support the management and certification of works of art to protect artists, collectors, galleries and art players.

    If you are an Art Professional, an Institution or a Service Company you can become part of the exclusive Art Concierge



    8 16 /month
    • 99 € annual subscription
    • VAT included
    • Full subscription

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    • Digitalization of procedures
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Art Curator Program
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    Art Concierge
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    • Servizi e funzionalità su Misura
    • Archivio Digitale con Pagamenti
    • Digitalizzazione procedure
    • Campagne Marketing
    • Art Curator Program
    • Formazione Online & Onsite
    • Eventi

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