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    Art Concierge
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    Get in touch with the most important Art Professionals to manage and increase the value of your collection.
    Send your Art Rights Certificate to request Validations and Price Proposals for Legal, Insurance, Transport, Communication, Curation, Handling and many other services.

    Get to know and talk to gallery owners, museums, institutions, curators, art advisors, journalists, art critics, collectors in the largest online community of art professionals.

    Increase the value of your Collection and discover the Services to support Art

    Protection, Cataloging, Conservation, Movement, Communication, Training, Wealth Management and Market to better manage your works of art.

    Share your works in complete Privacy, request Estimates and Validations at your fingertips and in one click

    art concierge

    Legal and Tax Consulting

    Consulting in art and tax law to protect artists, collectors and sector operators.

    Art Advisory and Management

    Services for the management and enhancement of artistic assets and collections.

    Art Wealth Management

    Support, management and planning of artistic heritages and diversification of financial assets.

    Fine Art Insurance

    Specialised advisory and assistance services for the fine art insurance.


    Press Office, Public Relations, Digital Agencies and Social Media Manager to support the communications.

    Museums and Institutions

    Public and private museums, Institutions and Foundations that works for the enhancement of the artworks

    Art Academies and Learning

    Advisory and support for the online learning and frontal lessons of updating for artist and art professionals.

    Artist’s Archives / Estates

    Advisory services for authentic requests, artworks attribution and Art Rights validations

    Conservation and Restoration

    Services of conservation, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance or for artworks restoration.

    Logistics and Vaults

    Services to support the handling, set up, shipment, packing and the storage of artworks.

    Due Diligence, Appraisals, Expertise

    Advisory for provenance and due diligence to support the purchasing of artworks.

    Cataloguing, Inventorying and Digitization

    Services of artworks cataloguing, creation of digital archives and professional photographic services.

    Auction Houses

    Specialists for the public sale, private or online, of artworks and management of Art Rights validations.

    Galleries and Art Dealers

    Experts in the acquisition and sale of artworks inside primary and secondary market, and management of requests of Art Rights validations.

    validations. Art Fairs, Prizes and Competitions

    Consultancy and support for the participation to fairs, prizes and art competitions, and management of requests of Art Rights validations.

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    Art Rights Protect, Manage and Increase the Value of your Art

    you will have included in your subscription

    Art Manager

    Manage your art collection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Art Rights

    Certify your works of art with the Art Rights Certificate

    Art Concierge

    Get in touch with the greatest professionals of the art.

    cloud system

    Art Rights works online with login and password and you won't have to download ANY SOFTWARE
    Based on AWS protocols and standards - Amazon Web Services, to ensure the best and reliable service.

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    Art Rights is a PRIVATE Professional platform.
    No data will EVER BE SHARED with the outside.
    Each User is VERIFIED and we use advanced Cryptographic systems, Timestamp Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

    User Experience

    Manage your collection from computers, tablets and smartphones at any time and anywhere in the world.
    Catalog and DIGITIZE your works and documents in an EASY, SAFE, FAST and INTUITIVE way.

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