Interview with Giuseppe Calabi Art Lawyer –

    Art was in the destiny from the beginning for lawyer Giuseppe Calabi, Managing Partner of the law firm CBM & Partners in Milan.

    Interview with Elisabetta Galasso, CEO Open Care –

    The interviews of Interview with Elisabetta Galasso, CEO Open Care - Five questions to get a preview of the great art professionals, the daily...

    Interview with Matteo Liguigli, Director of Liguigli Fine Arts Service –

    "Son of art", Matteo Liguigli inherited his passion for art from his father Nino, with whom he began working as a teenager.

    Interview with Rossella Novarini, Managing Director at Il Ponte Casa d’Aste –

    In this interview, Rossella Novarini talks about the changes of Il Ponte Casa d'Aste, between digital and new projects

    Interview with Laura Viviani, Fine Art Logistic & Luxury Consultant –

    In this interview Laura Viviani talks about the management, logistics and handling of works of art in support of museums and individuals

    Interview with Diego Viapiana, Gallerist at Nuova Galleria Morone

    In this interview, in collaboration with, Diego Viapiana talks about the role of the gallerist

    Interview with Adriana Polveroni, Art Writer, Curator and Professor of Contemporary Art –

    In this exclusive interview, Adriana Polveroni talks to us about the essence of Art Writing, a fundamental practice

    Profession: MUSEOLOGIST

    Roberto Concas, museologist and art historian, talks about the museologist, a key figure in the coordination of the "museum project"

    Interview with Massimo Paolo Maria Vecchia, Art Advisor –

    Massimo Paolo Maria Vecchia ci parla del ruolo dell’Art Advisor, per lui “il lavoro più bello del mondo”, che deriva da una grande preparazione e un’innata capacità di fare networking.

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    In this interview as Head of Photography Jury for the Art Rights Prize he tells what he expects to find in the nominations

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