The tips to preserve your art collection

    Protecting your collection is the priority of every good collector

    To maintain the integrity of their works, collectors must be sure to take care of their collection, from the point of view of maintenance, management and legal protection.

    Proper storage allows to slow down and prevent the decay of the work, as well as ensuring adequate exposure and safe transport.

    Here are the 5 tips that every collector should know to preserve their collection.

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    1 – Keeping a digital archive 

    The digital archive is a tool to support the collector, because it allows to catalog the works and preserve the documentation received after the purchase . In addition, the digital archive collects all the information that accompanies the work from its birth to the moment it will be sold, bequeathed or donated.

    2 – Pay attention to environmental conditions

    Light, temperature and humidity are factors that can be destructive for a work of art. When a painting is continuously exposed to sunlight, the colors and details of the work can fade very quickly. So make sure that the work is hit by indirect light or ceiling spotlights. Excessive heat can damage the painting causing creases, deformations and breakage of the support. In addition, it can also damage the paint layer, causing cracks, leaks and blistering. Therefore, avoid installing works near heat sources, in the bathroom or kitchen.

    The ideal temperature is between 21 and 24 ° C. When a painting is exposed to prolonged moisture, it can suffer a wide range of damage. Some canvases could shrink, while the frame could expand: this would lead to cracks, deformations and ripples. Protect your paintings by keeping them in a room with relative humidity below 60%, making sure there are no drastic fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels.

    3 – Arrange the works correctly

    Make sure your works are set up correctly, i.e. that the suspension mechanism is suitable for the size and weight of your pieces. Improper fixing can also increase the chance of a painting falling accidentally. In addition to using suitable hooks, works of art must always be hung on a flat surface, at least 160 cm from the ground, away from doors, windows, fireplaces and radiators.

    4 –Attention to cleaning!

    It is important to keep surfaces free of dust and residues, but pay attention to the products and tools that are used. Do not use dusters and vacuum cleaners to remove dirt; better a microfibre cloth or professional brushes, which can be purchased online or in an art shop. Do not use solvents or acidic detergents that can make the painting yellow or darken over time

    5 – If in doubt, contact the professionals

    If you are too busy to personally take care of every aspect of your collection, ask for professional support such as the Art Collection Manager. It is a professional figure in support of private collecting, able to implement a strategy for the conservation and enhancement of an art collection. A multifaceted figure therefore, capable of studying a tactical management for the collection, creating the themed inventory of the assets, checking the state of conservation, preparing the documentation for any loans. He also knows the insurance needs, and the due diligence procedures to be carried out for each asset. Finally, he knows perfectly how to exhibit the works and controls the costs of managing the collection.


     Are you ready to better preserve your collection?


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