6 tips to believe in your art

    6 tips to believe in your art

    How not to give up opportunities to improve your career as an artist for fear of not being up to par.

    Insecurity affects everyone, but artists are particularly prone to doubt themselves and their art.

    It is not enough to create works of art that contain ideas, emotions and visions: the next step is to find the courage to put that work into the world that is full of criticism, judgments and sometimes even rejection.

    What to do to escape the negative thoughts that can often limit the career of an artist, because they are too conditioned by that inner voice that says that “you are not good enough”?

    Here are six tips to boost your self-esteem as an artist!

    1. Stop comparing yourself with other artists.

    Social media are undoubtedly a great tool to give artists visibility. They can be inspiring to look at the works of others, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of constantly comparing your work to someone else’s. Instead of competing and demoralizing yourself, use the power of social media as inspiration and to promote your work.

    2. Don’t have too high expectations of yourself.

    Of course, having high goals is important, but situations must always be contextualized. Don’t be disappointed if few people attend your exhibition vernissage, if your Instagram posts get fewer likes than expected, or if a sale fails. Even as an artist he accepts that he cannot always have control over events: one step at a time, with commitment and perseverance, you will reach your goals.

    3. Take breaks and relax

    There is nothing worse than being locked in the same room for hours without doing anything. Take breaks – relax and go for a walk! If you feel frustrated because you can’t complete a work or if you lack inspiration, walking clears your mind and helps you see things with different eyes!

    4. Hit that post button.

    Send email, portfolio and curate your archive! Write and send collaboration proposals, propose your art to curators, ask grant applications, sales proposals if you still haven’t found the right gallery for you. Getting involved is a challenge: it takes courage but the more often you do it, the easier it will become, even if you receive rejection or no response.

    5. Recognize what rejection really is.

    If your artistic research is not exactly what the gallery owner, curator, institution or company is looking for, it does not mean that your art is to be thrown away or that you are not worth as an artist. It simply means that what you are offering is not what they are looking for right now. This is why it is necessary to continue studying, informing yourself and improving future proposals aimed at more suitable interlocutors to understand, appreciate and promote your art.

    6. Join an online community

    Find an online community and join it! It is incredible what you can learn about how to produce, enhance and promote your art through dialogue with professionals in the sector, artists and international collectors.

    The Art Rights Community, a platform for the management and certification of works of art, offers registered artists many opportunities to meet, discuss and dialogue with professionals in the sector. In addition, the Artists, like all Art Rights subscribers among Professionals, Collectors and Institutions, will have access to courses, webinars and events designed to offer support and opportunities for training and promotion of their art.

    And you, are you ready to boost your art?


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