Buying artworks from an art gallery

    Discover the benefits of buying from an art gallery

    Relying on a gallery to create or enrich a valuable art collection can be very beneficial.

    For a collector to create or expand an art collection is not easy, but relying on the professionalism, experience and research of an art gallery can be a good choice. 

    The gallerist is a key figure in the art world, able to promote and support the career of his artists, while at the same time performing an important role of selection of artists and works for collectors or simple enthusiasts.

    In fact they are excellent players to whom collectors can contact and with whom they can compare their own art collection.

    However, it is good to keep in mind that the galleries must be distinguished by professionalism and seriousness, to avoid from the collector and artist the risk of turning to those who have no qualms in proposing low-level suggestions only for a mere gain.

    [signinlocker id=4040] Let’s discover # 7 advantages of buying in an art gallery:

    • VARIETY IN RESEARCH: select some art galleries that sticks out in the choices of their artists, will allow you to have a very clear overview of what happens at national and international level in the art world, so as to better evaluate the artists that reflect your tastes;
    • DETAILS ON ARTISTS: gallerists and their staff are among the few who can offer you information on artists and their production. Thanks to this work, you will be able to reflect on your choices and be more and more promptly informed;
    • VERNISSAGE: the openings of the exhibitions represent an excellent moment to get in touch with a gallery owner, to know him and to better understand his work;
    • PREVIEW INFORMATION: if you can establish a relationship of trust with the gallery, this will allow you to receive a preview of the news on upcoming exhibitions or works of artists that are going to be available for your collection;
    • THE EXHIBITIONS: for gallerists, participating in a national or international fair involves a great investment, which can also become an extraordinary springboard for their artists. Also for these reasons we suggest to keep close and lasting relationships with the galleries obtaining some benefits, such as, to be exclusive recipients of VIP CARD, access cards to privileges reserved only to collectors in the days of the fair kermesse;
    • QUALITY: it is useless to hide it, but buying in a gallery is, in most cases, synonymous with quality of origin. The work tends to come directly from the artist studio or other collectors like you and in this second case in particular means that the gallerists, even after years from the first sale, considers the artist still of great value;
    • CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: buy in the gallery will allow you to receive the real passport of your work of art, the certificate of authenticity, which must be delivered by the gallerist as defined by law from 64 of the “Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape”‘ (Legislative Decree 42 of 22 January 2004) at the time of purchase and without which your collection will be at risk.


    For a collector acquiring works at a gallery is therefore a choice that allows incisively to create a valuable collection, gaining numerous benefits, but above all to be recognized as important actors in the art system, careful to the balance that holds the entire supply chain and therefore to the value of their collection.

    In order to offer our Collectors an effective overview of the world of national and international galleries, Art Rights Magazine has created a series of three eBooks entitled THE SECRETS OF ART, tools to get useful information on the work of over 80 galleries participating in the fairs most important art.

    And you, are you ready to buy from the galleries?


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