Andrea Bonaceto on display at MEET between art, music and poetry

    Andrea Bonaceto on display at MEET between art, music and poetry

    From Tuesday 6 December 2022 MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan presents the works of Andrea Bonaceto, artist and exponent of the blockchain world, in an exhibition itinerary curated by Luisa Ausenda which culminates in the Immersive Room with AB INFINITE 1, open to public participation.

    Andrea Bonaceto. Courtesy MEET

    MEET Digital Culture Center continues its exhibition program dedicated to Digital Art.

    Inside the large space, it presents the works of the artist and exponent of the Blockchain world Andrea Bonaceto, in an exhibition curated by Luisa Ausenda,which culminates in the Immersive Room with the work AB INFINITE 1 and returns to open up to the public and to transform itself again.

    The MEET is thus punctuated by verses taken from the artist’s poems, the itinerary includes thematic cores of works that highlight some of the main elements of the artist’s work.


    Andrea Bonaceto is an Italian artist and entrepreneur. In recent years he has developed a visual language capable of hybridising with new digital technologies.

    This is where most of the works on display come from, some of which have been exhibited internationally.

    “Bonaceto is an eclectic artist, he implements mechanisms that generate value on the one hand and sustainability on the other and he does so using all the keys that the digital world makes available” – says Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of MEET. “Through his work, his research and his proposals it is possible to concretely understand the new processes in progress: in a certain sense, his Art returns to being Social”.

    Andrea Bonaceto. Courtesy MEET


    The exhibition itinerary occupies the entire first floor of MEET and gives the public a multifaceted image of the artist that ranges between art, music and poetry and accompanies us in experimenting with new techniques and forms of expression.

    The first Gallery is dedicated to Portraits born from the collaboration with Sophia the Robot, a humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics. To create her first work, Sophia observed several self-portraits made by Bonaceto and, thanks to a neural network, she reworked the images and produced her own self-portrait.

    Continuing along the path, we find physical works that demonstrate his quality as a painter together with portraits made with an IPad: a hybridization of styles and languages. We then enter a room dedicated to Visions.

    Ideas and characters on a monochrome background alternate with more abstract and figurative works. In the last Gallery that precedes the Immersive Room, we finally enter the poetic universe of the artist. The two Poems that Bonaceto integrated into NFT visual works are projected: “La Finestra” and “Waiting for a train in Palmira”.

    The work commissioned by Corriere della Sera is also on the MEET monitors.

    Bonaceto artistically interpreted the page of the 1969 newspaper announcing “Man is on the Moon” and portrayed, in his own style, the astronauts: Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong.

    Andrea Bonaceto. Courtesy MEET


    In the Immersive Room, AB INFINITE 1 spreads 63 meters long and returns to being a work that confronts the public.

    From its publication on the site in May 2022 until the Christie’s auction where it was sold on October 13, 2022, certain sections of the work have gradually been subject to change.

    The title echoes the artist’s ideal of generating a cycle that goes “AB” (from the Latin from) the infinite to the ORIGIN, symbolized by the number 1.

    At MEET, thanks to 8SMICKA ART GALLERY, the Artificial Intelligence process developed by the artist is reactivated, capable of absorbing and modifying texts and images that the public will send on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #abinfinite1.



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