Winners of the Art Rights Prize partners chosen by HUB / ART announced


    The awarding of the finalists of the Art Rights Prize 2020 continues thanks to the prestigious awards of the partners

    In addition to the prizes awarded by the Jury of Experts, Art Rights Prize, thanks to its prestigious Partners, offers further services and awards to support the finalist artists.

    HUB / ART is an exhibition space located in the south of Milan, but it is also an experimental platform that was created with the aim of improving the work environment and developing local welfare at the same time.

    A space designed for exhibition projects, evenings and artistic-cultural events, which invites the public to explore its content rich in experimentation.

    HUB / ART, in support of the Art and Artists of the Art Rights Prize, as a partner, provides:

    Exhibition for a selection of finalist artists with curatorship and the creation of a catalog, together with the opening event supported by Hub / Art

    Let’s find out together the winners of this prestigious award


    Agata Treccani

    Agata Treccani is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1995.

    She obtains the II level academic diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2020. she Currently she lives and works in Brescia.

    Her research theorizes and studies the new contemporary visual language powered by contemporary social dynamics; Brands, marketing actions, fashion victimism and social dynamics become an element of study and an instrument of creation.

    Giotto Riva

    Giotto Riva is a Milanese artist. After studying at the Liceo Artistico Preziosissimo Sangue in Monza, he attended the Academy of Art in Barcelona where painting, sculpture and drawing are taught on the basis of traditional Renaissance principles.

    At the moment he teaches at the Milan Academy of Art. His goal is not only to capture the beauty of nature but also to propose the joys and weaknesses of contemporary society in a classical and figurative key.

    Federica Poletti

    He graduated in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
    Over the years she has been the protagonist of several solo exhibitions from Berlin to Modena itself, city in where he lives and works. She is present in several group exhibitions in Italy and Spain from
    Barcelona to Malaga.


    Alex Frost

    Alex Frost’s art captures an optimized and energized life “on the go”.

    Whether it is to create objects for a gallery or to produce videos for circulation online, the life it contains is one in which consumption rules all life.

    Fabrizio Narcisi

    Fabrizio Narcisi was born on the last day of 1989. Raised in a creative family he has developed a strong artistic sensibility from a young age.
    He quickly directed short films collaborating with the fashion world working for publications such as Love Magazine, Vogue Italia, L’Ociel, iD and brands such as Missoni, Swarovski, L’Orèal, Nike, Huawei and Kartell.

    His research focuses on the integration and experimentation of different media. Element distinctive of his projects is the correlation of crucial iconic references that profoundly influenced his creative process, generating an intimate link between past and future.


    Evelyn Bencicova

    Evelyn Bencicova is a visual artist specializing in photography and art direction.

    She has an educational background in fine arts and new media studies.

    Evelyn’s practice combines her interest in contemporary culture with academic research to create a unique aesthetic space where the conceptual meets the visual.

    Enes Güç

    Enes Güç is a Turkish artist. His outstanding visual aesthetic is largely shaped by his early influences and his specialized education in fine arts and painting.

    Through these traditional aesthetic influences, Güç manages to establish and compose 3D environments and objects deriving from classical painting. Therefore his goal is to bring together elements of classical and contemporary traditions in harmony and balance.

    Discover all the works selected by the Jury within the extraordinary 3D Virtual Final Exhibition of Art Rights Prize 2020

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    Watch the video of the announcement of the winners of the Hub/Art Partner Award

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