Art And Online Courses


    Online courses are an excellent opportunity to train, update your skills and increase your culture wherever you are, even from home!

    Now more than ever, the world of e-Learning represents a valid resource to continue learning and updating yourself on the world of art, dedicating that time, which was always being scarceful before, to your own culture and training.

    There are platforms that offer a portfolio of free or paid courses on topics related to art, its market, professions, all with a view to deepening.

    Here is a selection of online art courses that you can take from the comfort of your home

    1) Sotheby’s Institute of Art 

    Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers various study paths dedicated to those who want to pursue a career in the international art market. Sotheby’s online courses are held by professionals in the sector, through a simple and intuitive e-learning platform. All courses are in English and paid. The course catalog is very varied and responds to any training need: for example, you can learn the dynamics of the art market, how to become a curator, how to manage an art gallery, deepen your knowledge of contemporary art and know how you become a collector.

    2) Christie’s Education 

    Christie’s Education online courses offer the opportunity to get to know the world of art wherever you are. The lessons combine theory with practice, thanks to lessons and exercises given by the main experts in the art. Through Christie’s courses it is possible to study the history of modern art, contemporary art, the art market and the contamination between art and luxury. Each course was developed to provide the knowledge necessary to build a career in the art system. The courses are paid and in English.


    In order to operate successfully in the art system, in addition to passion, transversal skills, constant updating and an articulated network of contacts are required. offers the opportunity to meet the greatest professionals of Italian and international art, to get to know and share their experiences. The offer of is wide, with live webinars and video courses, which are structured in individual modules and accompanied by infographics, slides and timely information provided by the teachers to offer a 360 ° knowledge on the issues addressed. The courses, a free selection and others for a fee but all in Italian, will teach you how to start a career in the world of art with a focus dedicated to artists, journalists, art curators and even gallery owners.

    4) Coursera 

    Coursera is a platform that offers a vast amount of online courses in English for everyone. The courses offered are of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) type and cover a wide range of topics, including art. New York’s MoMA recently launched 5 new free courses that will allow you to become an art expert. Vanderbilt University offers “Leading Innovation in Arts & Culture” a free course addressed to those who work in the cultural sector to learn and implement new cultural innovation strategies within their business. Finally, Bocconi University offers a free course in “Arts and Heritage Management” on the management of cultural institutions with the involvement of important professionals on specific topics.

    And you, are you ready to discover online courses for art?


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