Art Rights joins AIS


    Art Identification Standard is born, the first international consortium that brings together the best startups in the world to establish an identification standard for works of art.

    Among the problems of the art world, in addition to the difficulties regarding provenance, the manipulation of prices and the lack of transparency of information on works of art, the lack of a standard in the exchange of information and documentation on the works.

    In recent years, companies, galleries and institutions have developed independent standards, causing severe incompatibility problems between different platforms and systems, incomplete data and a growing information asymmetry.

    This is why the Art Identification Standard (AIS) was created, the first international consortium created with the aim of developing a single protocol for exchanging information on works of art, to overcome the problems of the sector.

    Attention was therefore paid to the use of new technologies to support art, including the Blockchain, to be applied for due diligence and provenance on works of art to protect artists, collectors and industry players.

    A language common to the entire world of art is also of great use to the market, as it facilitates the exchange and sale of works of art, favoring the management of collections.

    Among the members of the Art Identification Standard, the only Italian startup is Art Rights which, in line with the mission of using innovation and technology to create the “first passport of the work of art”, becomes an information exchange and verification protocol, with a single system of validation of the history of the works and the documentary kit by several professionals in favor of authenticity, provenance and due diligence.

    And you, are you ready to experience the change in the world of art?

    Photo Credits: Art Identification Standard


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