Art Rights Prize – The first Digital Prize for Artists


    The first digital prize for artists

    The vision of Art Rights continues in the support of Art and Artists, not only to be a professional tool to support the daily management of their works, but to create opportunities for visibility, meeting and sharing with the community.

    This is the reason why Art Rights Prize was born, the first International Virtual Art Prize which is addressed to all Artists, of any age and nationality, who want to participate with works that fall into the following artistic categories: Painting, Photography, Video Art, Digital Art and Street Art.

    The Award is organized by the Cultural Association AB Factory with the participation of prestigious partners, together to support emerging and established artists, finding new ways to recognize and reward Art 3.0.

    Over 100,000 euros in money and services, as recognition of personal merit and as encouragement in the interest of the community, to support artists of any age and nationality. The Jury composed of 15 experts from the International Art System and Market will select 100 finalist artists and 300 works to be exhibited in an exclusive 3D Virtual Exhibition on the “LIEU.CITY” platform.

    Prizes and special mentions are guaranteed for over 30% of the Finalists, assigned by the jury, sponsors and partners of the initiative together with a special “Audience Award” during the 3D Virtual Exhibition.

    For the first time the Art Award Finalists’ Exhibition includes the incredible experience of the Virtual in 3D. The exhibition was designed and built by experts in the field with the support of Exhibit Designer Andrea Isola to enhance the exhibition of the finalist works and make the visit for the public unique, to go beyond the physicality.

    The Virtual Exhibition in 3D will be accessible via smartphone, tablet, smart tv and computer with the possibility to discover the works of the Finalists among the rooms of the 5 Artistic Categories navigable independently and with extreme simplicity, selecting the preferred works and discovering all the details about the artists and the works.

    A unique kermesse, with the opportunity to be part of the Community Art Rights Prize by participating in exclusive talks, meetings, training webinars with the greatest Art Professionals.

    And you, are you ready for Art Rights Prize?



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