Art Rights

Manage, Protect and Valorize your art.

Art Rights is the first platform aimed to support the management and certification of works of art to protect artists, collectors and industry players.

Art Rights becomes the “Art Passport”, with a unique system of validation of information and documentation by more professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance, Due Diligence, thus enhancing the trust in the market.

In complete privacy, security and legal validity, the platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain for Timestamp validation and training of an artificial intelligence neural network for verifying authenticity, market analysis and collection management with Art Concierge service, in partnership with the main services and market players.


Management System for art collections, with FastRIGHTS, fast insertion and the possibility of sending cards with temporary permissions.

Art Rights COA

Certify your collection with the Art Rights certificate and ask for confirmation to the art professionals for verifying authenticity. With Blockchain Timestamp Validation / Verified users and Legal Valence / Revenue Share.


Bespoke services for the management and valorization of the collection with the greatest professionals for insurance, handling and protection of works of art.

the art passport

After a year of private tests with prestigious partners, artists and institutions, Art Rights is ready for its launch in support of provenance and Due Diligence for art collections.

Art Rights is currently by invitation only, if you wish to be part of this special phase, together with renowned artists, industry professionals, galleries, archives, museums and institutions, send us your request.

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Art Rights supporting artists, collectors and art lovers. Protect & Valorize your Art


art rights blockchain art passport

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Art Rights was also implemented with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the ROP ERDF 2014 - 2020