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Manage, protect and increase the value of your art.

Art Rights is the first platform aimed to support the management and certification of works of art to protect artists, collectors and art players.

Art Rights becomes the “Art Passport”, with a unique system of validation of information and documentation by more professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance, Due Diligence, thus enhancing the trust in the market.

In complete privacy, security and legal validity, the platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain for Timestamp validation and training of an artificial intelligence neural network for verifying authenticity, market analysis and collection management with Art Concierge service, in partnership with the main services and market players.

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Manage your art collection from your computer, iPad or smartphone. Enter an unlimited number of works of art, update the information, check the certification status and share it in total security and privacy thanks to temporary permits.


Certify your artworks with the Art Rights Certificate, track the history of the works, the transfers of ownership and all the crucial information to enhance your collection. Become a Validator and earn from your certifications.


Get in touch with the greatest Art Professionals to ensure, handle, manage, certify and enhance your works of art.

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After a year of private tests with prestigious partners, artists and institutions, Art Rights is ready for its debut in support of provenance and Due Diligence for art collections.

Art Rights is currently by invitation only, if you wish to be part of this special phase, together with renowned artists, industry professionals, galleries, archives, museums and institutions, send us your request

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MANAGE, PROTECT AND INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR ART from your computer, smartphone and tablet

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Art Rights to support artists, collectors and art lovers Protect and Increase the value of your art

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Il digitale non è solo un mezzo per promuovere l’arte, ma anche un nuovo medium per produrla. .
Molti artisti stanno sperimentando questa nuova via. Un esempio? .
@refikanadol, il media artist che sta spopolando sui social.
Refik unisce arte e neuroscienze, creando installazioni immersive di grande forza evocativa.
🎨 Questa è “Melting Memories”, un’ installazione che mostra come funziona il cervello quando elabora i ricordi.
------------------------------------- Digital is not only a means of promoting art, but also a new way of producing it.
Many artists are experimenting with this new way. An example?
@refikanadol, the media artist who is gaining a lot of success on social media.
Refik combines art and neuroscience, creating immersive installations of great evocative force.
🎨This is “Melting Memories”, an installation that shows how the brain works when processing memories.
📸Courtesy of the artist
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I social networks sono strumenti imprescindibili per accedere al mondo dell’arte.
Oggi, grazie a queste piattaforme, è possibile comprare nuove opere, conoscere gli artisti, visitare virtualmente un museo, una mostra o una galleria d’arte.
Ma quali sono i social networks maggiormente utilizzati nel mondo dell’arte?
Scoprili subito nel nostro nuovo articolo
Social networks are essential tools for accessing the world of art.
Today, thanks to these platforms, it is possible to buy new works, get to know the artists, virtually visit a museum, an exhibition or an art gallery.
What are the most used social networks in the art world?
Discover them now in our new article!
. 📸@alexisrael @gagosian
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Art Rights was also created with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and of POR FESR 2014 – 2020