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The art system approached with three different in-depth perspectives regarding artists, artworks and the art world.


Discover the secret of the artist profession


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The dark side of the art

The art world that no one ever told you

Art Rights Magazine tackles the common problems of the main protagonists of the art scene, such as artists, collectors, gallery owners, curators, museums, foundations, archives, fairs and auction houses.

Discover the true value of the art world, unlock the secrets of the artist profession, gallery owners and collectors, learn and acquire all the tools to operate successfully in the art system, increase your knowledge of the dynamics that regulate the market.

Discover the absolute values ​​of art, unlock the “secrets” of professionals, artists, gallery owners, collectors and the market, learn and acquire the tools to operate successfully and with satisfacion in the art world.

The Art Passport

Art Rights is the first platform aimed to support the management and the certification of the artworks in order to protect artists, collectors and operators in the sector. 
Art Rights offers you the opportunity to manage, track and valorise your art collection, in complete privacy and security thanks to BLOCKCHAIN security.
Art Rights currently by invitation only

Art Rights to support artists, collectors and art lovers Protect & Valorise your Art

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