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    Art Rights is a smart and innovative platform, conceived and created
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    As an Artist, Art Rights can Boost the Value of your Works and your Career.

    • Art Rights - Create your Certificates of Authenticity (COA) in a few clicks
    • Art Manager - Manage your Artworks Inventory
    • Art Concierge - Access a large community of Artists, Professionals and Collectors
    • Access exclusive Webinars, Live Talks, eBooks and premium content
    • Share your works with fine-grained access controls
    • Confirm your artworks through other qualified users
    • Become a Trusted Validator and earn from your Validations
    • Sell your COAs directly from the platform

    Verified Users

    Each User and Validator is verified during registration with a KYC (Know Your Customer) process according to European directives.
    A Safe, Private and Verified Community.


    Designed to protect Artists
    in accordance with International Copyright Laws and Intellectual Property Rights.
    Safeguard and Protect your Art.

    Legal Value

    With Verified Users on the platform,
    Art Rights enables self-certification of information in a legally verifiable way.
    Time and date proof.

    Timestamp Blockchain

    Using Blockchain technology,
    the platform certifies the entire Art Rights COA
    with date, time and user.
    Verifiable and Innovative technology.

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