Blockchain for Artists


    Today the Blockchain is increasingly used in the world of art. Artists, in particular, are starting to look at this new technology with more interest, as a tool that can be used in various ways.

    Let’s discover which ones…

    The Blockchain is a new technology that is configured as a “distributed virtual register” in which information is validated by users and databases from various parts of the world in total respect for privacy. The data is encrypted and associated with a complex alphanumeric code forming incorruptible and traceable chains with proven security.

    More simply, the Blockchain is currently the only technology capable of supporting innovation for the world of art.

    In particular, for artists, the Blockchain can be used to:


    The blockchain allows artists to certify the authorship and authenticity of their production by recording the main information of the work of art, such as physical characteristics, year of construction, technique etc.

    Art Rights, in particular, thanks to the Art Rights Certificate, uses the Blockchain for this specific purpose, creating a document with full legal value and compliant with the Copyright Law.


    The Blockchain can also be used for the management of works, through the creation of real digital archives, using management software.

    Creating a digital archive means, for the artist, protecting their production from any risks of fakes and lack of documentation, keeping all the steps of the works under control, from restoration to sales.

    Art Rights is the first platform to use the Blockchain to support art for the management, certification and authentication of works for the protection and favor of artists.

    Through a unique information validation system, Art Rights allows artists to create Art Rights Certificates to prove the authorship, provenance and authenticity of their works of art.

    With Art Rights you can certify your works and request confirmation of the information from other verified users such as gallery owners, curators and museums by creating a real Passport of the work of art.

    And you, are you ready to manage and certify your art?

    Start immediately to certify, manage and enhance your art with Art Rights!

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