Clubhouse: how to tell your art


    Tips for communicating the Statement on ClubHouse 

    Clubhouse, artists take the floor to talk about their art.

    Often artists believe that it is enough to look at their works to make a gallery owner, a collector or the public of enthusiasts fully understand their value.

    If Instagram has always been considered the ideal social network to promote art through the sharing of targeted and creative visual content, today Clubhouse is the social of the moment that is giving voice to the art world.

    As Andrea Concas, founder of Art Rights and the first in the Italian art world to have organized rooms dedicated to Art – such as Art Lunch on Clubhouse, wrote, this new social is becoming a fundamental tool for the comparison, discussion and promotion of art by its protagonists.

    These include Artists who have the opportunity to tell their art with their own voice to a large audience of fans and professionals

    How does an artist promote their art on Clubhouse? 

    A clear, concise and punctual biography is the first business card, but then it must be the active participation in the thematic rooms to make the difference, because it could be the right occasion to communicate one’s own artistic research or to tell one’s own Statement.

    But what is a statement and how to create an effective one for Clubhouse? Let’s find out together!

    The Statement is an indispensable tool for communicating and making the most of your art. 

    On Clubhouse, Voice becomes the only mode of communication to be used, so creating your own vocal Statement becomes essential.

    Here are some tips for creating and communicating your Statement on ClubHouse:


    Tell about your current research and the themes you are investigating, how and why you are leading this artistic and expressive path. Highlight the most original and curious aspects that make your work engaging and attractive. 


    Communicate basic information about your art, your studies and the processes led to its development. Those who listen to you, can meanwhile visit your Instagram profile or visit your website to see images of your work just as you speak 


    Be brief and personal, use simple, easy-to-understand terms so that anyone can understand the message and meaning of your art, not just insiders.


    You’re talking about you and your practice, but don’t be guilty of conceit. You don’t need to self-promote all the time and everywhere, just pick the room with the right topic and the right time to do it

    And you, are you ready to tell your Art on Clubhouse?

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