“Dante Plus 700”: an exhibition and a competition celebrate the Sommo Poeta

    “Dante Plus 700”: una mostra e un concorso ce“Dante Plus 700”: an exhibition and a competition celebrate the Sommo Poeta

    Until 5 September at the Oriani Library in Ravenna the works of “Dante Plus 700“, an exhibition dedicated to the face of Dante Alighieri with the participation of 150 artists are on display.

    Since 2017 in Ravenna, the city that houses the remains of the great poet, Marco Miccoli, curator of the Bonobolabo space, has created the collective exhibition “Dante Plus: One, no one and a hundred thousand faces”, where a group of artists, including illustrators, cartoonists and street artists try every year to reinterpret the figure of the poet, giving him a new identity each time. 

    This year’s initiative will be presented by a video created by Miccoli himself – with illustrations and animations by Daris Nardini, filming by Andrea Giminiani and music by Alessio Ruscelli – in which Dante will come out of the Kobra mural and walk through the streets of the center to get to the library, right in front of the poster of the exhibition designed by the Van Orton Design brothers.

    “It’s a small personal milestone because it all started in a simple and spontaneous way, involving first the artist No Curves in 2014 and then the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra at the entrance of the Filippo Mordani elementary school – says Marco Miccoli – This year there will be 150 different artists, each with their own reinterpretation, there will also be illustrators of past editions who may want to update their work, plus about thirty new faces such as Emiliano Ponzi, Tanino Liberatore and the great Moebius. In addition, a national competition on Dante’s face was also held which allowed the first nine arrivals to access the collective exhibition.”

    The exhibition will also see the use of new and different technologies such as augmented reality through the free ARIA mobile application, in collaboration with the Alkanoids animation studio or the 3D printing company Wasp which created a large sculpture of the poet.

    Finally, collaborations are also important, especially the one with Art Rights, partner of the national competition “Sketch your Dante”, aimed at artists and illustrators with the consequent inauguration of a virtual gallery on Lieu.city, the first Italian VR social network for events of art online.

    To participate in the competition: https://www.danteplus.com/sketch-your-dante/ 


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