The winners of the VIDEO ART category of the Art Rights Prize 2020 have been announced

    The winners of the VIDEO ART category of the Art Rights Prize 2020 have been announced

    Discover the finalist works and the winners of the VIDEO ART category of the first edition

    After having inaugurated the first 3D Virtual Final Exhibition on the Lieu.City platform, the proclamation of the winners of the various categories of Art Rights Prize continues

    The judges of the VIDEO ART Category have decreed the first winners of their respective categories carefully selected from the 100 finalists of the digital art prize


    The Jury composed by Carolina Ciuti, Sveva D’Antonio and Jean Conrad Lemaitre, moderated by Andrea Concas founder of Art Rights, announced the three winning artists of the first edition of the Art Rights Prize for the Video Art category.

    1° PLACE: Zimmerfrei

    Zimmerfrei is a collective founded in Bologna in 2000, formed by Anna de Manincor (artist and filmmaker), Massimo Carozzi (musician and sound designer) and collaborates with numerous other professionals.

    ZimmerFrei produces documentary films, short films, video installations, sound projects and performances and is dedicated to the investigation of real and imaginary urban spaces, mixing practices from cinema, theater and music.

    2° PLACE: Amaranta Medri

    Amaranta Medri experiments with video and photographic techniques, paying attention to reality but with the will to access dreams – and sometimes to escape from reality.

    3° PLACE: Niccolò De Napoli

    Niccolò De Napoli is an artist who uses different means of expression alternating sculpture, installation, video and performative actions, with a conceptual approach and a language of minimal forms applied to elements of everyday life.

    Discover all the works selected by the Jury within the extraordinary 3D Virtual Final Exhibition of Art Rights Prize 2020

    Until January 31, 2021 take part in the live events of the Community Art Rights Prize and don’t miss the talks and the announcement of the winners!

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    Discover the works of the finalists and winners of the Art Rights Prize 2020!


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