The 10 most important art fairs in the world

    Discover the main art fairs in the world

    Art fairs are crucial events for artists, collectors and operators in the sector.

    The calendar of the art world is more and more full of events all over the world.

    Galleries, artists, collectors, curators, critics and museum directors from all over the world come together and share their views each other in one place, creating for a few and intense days a continuous exchange of works, ideas and new possibilities for collaboration.

    [signinlocker id=4040]Relevant for everyone are the benefits of attending a fair, especially if  they are of prestige in the art world scene.

    In fact, gallery owners catch the opportunity to significantly expand their client base, increasing business opportunities. Remarkable in this sense is the Lévy Gorvy Gallery, which a few hours before the opening of Art Basel Hong Kong, sold the work “Untitled XII” of 1975 by Willem de Kooning for 35 million dollars, acting on behalf of the collector and billionaire Paul Allen.

    The gallerist Brett Gorvy admits to having carefully studied the growth of Asian collectors market and decided to present the works in Hong Kong and not in Basel for the great chances of fruitful encounters offered by the Asian fair.

    For collectors, to attend these fairs is an opportunity to see, learn, analyse and compare a very large number of works, artists and gallery owners with whom they can share opinions and get from them an updated framework of the artistic production and of the market itself.

    Needless to say, or perhaps not, how fairs have become indispensable moments for artists, giving the fact that they can no longer ignore the logic of the market. They must, indeed, face it with rationality and respect for the roles in order to turn their own art into a profession.

    Art Rights Magazine has selected for you a timely and chronological list of the 10 most important art fairs in the world:

    We invite you to visit these fairs, starting with those that are closer to you, undertaking the commitment to keep yourself constantly up to date.


    Finally, for an enlightening focus on the Italian territory do not miss the secrets of the most important Italian gallerists enclosed in the eBook series entitled “The Secrets of Art” by Art Rights Magazine:

    Are you ready to visit an art fair?

    Let’s have a look to the interesting video of  Andrea Concas about this topic…


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