How to create a Digital Archive for Artists

    How to create a Digital Archive for Artists

    A digital archive is a fundamental tool for managing and controlling one’s works of art

    Why should an artist create a digital archive of his art?

    For the artist, making a complete and updated archive of their works of art is an essential activity to have maximum control over artistic production.

    Creating an Archive for the Artist becomes essential because:

    • It allows you to have the sales proposals of the works under control
    • The search times for works on loan are reduced
    • It supports in the choice of works for participation in prizes and competitions
    • Claiming insurance compensation in the event of an accident or theft
    • It offers the opportunity to enclose all the documentation
    • It allows you to quickly create your own Certificates of Authenticity

    Thanks to new technologies in support of Art, it is now possible to build your own Digital Archive in favor of the Artist.

    Creating a Digital Art Archive means bringing together all the information on the works in a single private and secure space, where it is possible to catalog and archive them accompanied by the relative documentation, then the Certificate of Authenticity and the Condition Report, in addition to the Loan or Deposit Agreements. up to Press Publications and Catalogs.

    Art Rights is the only platform for the management and certification of works of art that offers the possibility for artists to create a complete and professional digital archive through the ART MANAGER service, the management software of Art Rights that allows you to manage the works through Blockchain technology, offering the possibility to create and always keep the History updated.

    Thanks to the annual subscription, the Artist will be able to access his profile and create his own archive in total privacy and security: in fact, no information or document will ever be made public to third parties, unless shared by the user himself with temporary permissions.

    The Artist can enter all the works created, adding the information – which can be updated at any time via PC, smartphone and tablet – and creating Certificates of Authenticity at no additional cost.

    Art Rights thus offers the Artist to create their own Passport of the work of art, thanks to the Art Rights Certificate within which it is possible to complete information related to the Condition Report, to the specifications on the materials and on the artistic technique, or even advice on set-up, display and transport.

    Thanks to the complete and constantly updated Digital Archive, Artists will be able to digitize information on their works, manage, protect and enhance them to the fullest with the Art Manager of Art Rights.

    And you, are you ready to create the Digital Archive of your Art?

    Start certifying, managing and enhancing your art now with Art Rights!


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