How to create the Certificate of Authenticity


    Among the most important documents that must always accompany works of art, we find the Certificate of Authenticity.

    It is a document that reports the authorship of the work together with the main technical information, certifying its authenticity while helping to maintain its economic value over time.

    The value of the Certificate of Authenticity is defined by art. 64 of the “Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape” (Legislative Decree 42 of 22 January 2004), which specifies that the document, issued on plain paper or on the back of the photograph of the work, must be delivered by the professional seller to collector at the time of purchase.

    If alive, the Artist will produce, sign and release this document; however, a single or standard form of compilation of what is in effect the “Passport of the Art Work” is not used among professionals.

    What information does a Certificate of Authenticity contain?

    • Main image in color and in high resolution of the work
    • Name of the artist who created the work
    • The title of the work
    • The year of construction and possibly the year of completion of the work
    • The technique
    • The type of work, if multiple, indicate the edition number and the artist’s proofs, or original
    • Presence or not of the artist’s signature
    • Declaration that the information that the information released is true
    • Signature of the document

    What are its main uses?

    • Attesting the authenticity of a work

    The document issued by the Artist guarantees the originality of the work, thus excluding the possibility of running into fakes, copies or counterfeits;

    The purchase and sale of a work by a collector, a gallery or an auction house is unthinkable without the Certificate of Authenticity, a real reference for preventing scams;

    The Certificate of Authenticity, in the event of sale and transfer of ownership of the work, will accompany the object and guarantee its value;

    For an Artist who wants to build his artistic career on solid foundations, the creation of his own Archive is a must, which will contain all the documentation on the works, together with the delivery confirmation of the Certificate of Authenticity at the time of sale of the work.

    Among the professional tools capable of responding to the main needs of artists such as the creation of the Certificate of Authenticity, we find Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of works of art with Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, all in complete privacy and security.

    Example of an Art Rights Certificate of Authenticity



    The management software to digitize an unlimited number of works of art in complete privacy.

    Designed to share the works through temporary permits to protect the copyright, managing the information of the documentary kit in ten points and over 200 fields of compilation including history, value, condition report, exhibitions or publications, all in one secure document practical and fast


    Users certify their works with the Art Rights Certificate, which tracks the history, provenance, changes of ownership and collects all the key information to enhance their works.


    In the Art Concierge the professionals of the main art services such as legal, tax, insurance, communication, wealth management, art advisory, transport, curation or handling are present for the users of the platform, knowing the largest online community of player in the sector.

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    Photo credits: Ronald Caringal – This is not a Lichtenstein no.1


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