How to prepare for a virtual exhibition

    How to prepare for a virtual exhibition

    Participating in a virtual exhibition is an opportunity to exhibit and sell your works online. Find out how an artist must prepare to participate in a Virtual Exhibition.

    Today more than ever in the world of art, digital technologies are essential to keep the dialogue with the public alive.

    Thanks to special digital platforms it is possible to implement new forms of enhancement and art fruition, such as Virtual Exhibitions accessible whenever and wherever you want via smartphone, tablet and computer.

    In the last year, therefore, more and more artists have been involved in Digital Exhibitions through invitations from galleries and institutions or by participating in prizes and digital art competitions.

    How does an artist prepare to participate in a Virtual Exhibition?

    The first thing an artist must do to participate in a Virtual Exhibition is a checklist of their works and all information, media and documents concerning them.

    Why is a checklist of your works necessary?

    To participate in virtual exhibitions, together with the Portfolio, very high definition images and all the information describing the work on display are usually required, in addition to sales details.

    HD images are necessary to allow the user an optimal use of the works of art, even in the smallest details. 

    Information on the work is required both to certify the origin and authenticity of the work and to create explanatory panels that guide the visitor through the rooms and between the works, offering extra content such as in-depth texts, videos and interviews.

    During a Virtual Exhibition, especially on the occasion of fairs, awards and online tours of galleries, artists can go beyond the simple exhibition and be able to sell their works, coming into direct contact with collectors.

    For this reason it is essential to also have all the documents and information relating to prices and conditions of sale updated and immediately available.

    In this sense, it is a good idea for an artist to have a complete and updated Archive that contains in a single digital and secure space all the information, documents and media concerning their artistic production.

    Art Rights is the first platform for the management and certification of works of art which, through a management system, the Art Manager, allows you to manage your works in complete privacy, creating a personal digital archive and certificates of authenticity. Rights

    And you, are you ready to participate in a virtual exhibition?

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