How to prepare to participate in an prize?


    5 tips to be ready to change your artistic career

    Am I ready to take this step? Do I have all the papers in order?

    These are two classic questions that an artist must ask himself before deciding to submit his application for an art prize.

    Participating in an art prize is certainly an opportunity for visibility to change your artistic career.

    Here are 5 tips for participating in an art prize.

    1 – Choose the prize that’s right for you

    The art awards are not all the same. Choose the context in which to propose your work well, that is in line with your artistic path and that knows how to enhance and support it.

    2 – Read the Rules!

    To understand if you are investing in the right prize you need to know it thoroughly. Read, study and deepen every detail you find in the rules: understand the objectives of the award, find out about the categories, the jury and how to participate. Not leaving anything to chance!

    3 – Create and present a state-of-the-art Portfolio

    Whether you are an emerging or established artist, the Portfolio is the best business card for artists wishing to apply for an Art Award.

    4 – Submit the works that best represent your style

    The works you choose to nominate must talk about you, express your ideas, your talent and your vision

    5 – Believe in yourself

    It may seem obvious but the first person you need to convince about your talent is you. If you think you have all the credentials you just need to have more courage and confidence in yourself and in your art.

    And you, are you ready to participate in an art prize?

    Photo credits: Pexels


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