How to recognize the validity of an art prize


    Some parameters to measure the authority of an art prize

    “This award is interesting. But can I trust it?”

    If you are an artist, who knows how many times you have thought of participating in an art prize but, in the end, you gave up because you feared it was a scam or a not very serious competition.

    Indeed, in the world of art, there are so many national and international awards that it is legitimate to have doubts and worries when it comes to making a choice.

    However, there are some parameters that you can take into consideration when it comes to assessing the authority of an art prize. Let’s see them in detail.

    Who is the organizing body?

    Everything starts from the reputation and positioning of the reality that decides to organize and promote the award

    Find out who he is, what he does, where he is, what his purposes are and how much is accredited in the art and culture system.

    Is there a regulation?

    Before any other detail, an artist who wants to understand the validity of an award should immediately read the Regulations, which must be clear, transparent and regulate all aspects of application, participation, deadlines and responsibilities.

    The more precise a Regulation is, the more it will be possible to understand the validity and seriousness of the Organizer and the professionals who work for its creation and implementation

    If you ask questions, do they answer right away?

    Behind a project, whether it is a competition or an art prize, there is a staff made up of people who work to ensure that everything is done with the utmost professionalism and rigor, together with Support and Assistance that must be at the exclusive service of the Artists. .

    If you choose to ask questions, ask for further information, request assistance in applying, the staff of a valid Art Award will be able to respond immediately to your requests: this is also a sign of seriousness and professionalism that should not be underestimated.

    Who are the Partners and Sponsors?

    For companies, deciding to support an event is never easy. This is because it involves cooperation that is not accidental, but based on the affinity of values ​​and the clarity of mutual objectives. Therefore, if the partners and sponsors of the event enjoy notoriety and authority in their respective sectors, they would never risk compromising their image by collaborating with a not very serious reality.

    Who is the Jury composed of?

    A prestigious jury is an essential element that confers reliability on the award. In this sense, the jury of a prestigious award is always composed of experts of the sector of international importance, with accredited experience and skills that legitimize them to judge the works in the reference category.

    What and how many are the prizes?

    The quality and quantity of the prizes awarded to the winning artists is a very important fact. In fact, in addition to the possibility of exhibiting one’s works in an international showcase offered by the Final Exhibition, it is a good idea to evaluate the amount of prizes, in money and in services, their purpose and the effective usefulness for professional growth and artistic recognition. 

    Photo credits: Courtesy of Heri Pemad Art Management Bali Team

    And you, are you ready to evaluate the seriousness of an art prize?



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