Instagram Stories: Complete Guide for Artists

    Instagram Stories: Complete Guide for Artists

    Doubts about how to make effective Instagram Stories for your art?

    Here is the complete guide for artists

    Instagram Stories are engaging and sharing tools for artists who wish to promote their own art on social networks

    According to TechCrunch, in 2019, over 500 million users have used Instagram Stories every day to share content, for the purpose of promoting activities or interacting with an audience of potential buyers.

    The Stories, introduced on Instagram in August 2016, represent the possibility of publishing content such as photos and / or temporary videos to create stories about moments and background related to the artist profession.

    The duration of each story is 15 sec and it stays available to the followers for 24h.

    The strength of the Instagram Stories lies in the fact of continuing the story behind the image that is posted that day, as a post linked to the last work created, which thanks to the stories is amplified in its meaning and in its scope like a backstage.


    You can access the Stories function by clicking on the camera symbol at the top left of the Instagram home to create “Your story”

    From there it will be possible to create different contents:
    • Live: broadcast a live video to interact in real time.
    • Create: choose a colored background and write a text with the font you want, or select the possibility to create surveys, insert GIFs, remember an exhibition in which you participated, ask questions or create countdowns
    • Normal: take a picture or shoot a video by holding down the button.
    • Boomerang: create a small video-boomerang, without sound, with a hypnotic effect.
    • Layout: allows you to publish up to 6 photos within a single story.
    • SuperZoom: short funny videos, like the one with suspense or disco effect.
    • Without pressing: allows you to create videos while leaving your hands free without pressing the button.

    An artist can use Instagram Stories to:

    • Promote events
    • Inviting people to a new exhibition in a gallery
    • Display his works on a digital platform
    • Reach new collectors and gallery owners
    • Become part of a community of people with the same interests and goals
    • Networking with professionals in the sector
    • Increase your popularity and fanbase

    Instagram Stories offer artists the opportunity to establish a more intimate relationship with followers, sharing exclusive artistic details, such as backstage exhibitions or the creation of a work within their studio.

    In addition, when the account reaches 10 thousand followers, it gets the opportunity to insert a link within the Instagram Stories that directs traffic to an external website or to an IGTV video.

    In addition to the tools offered by Instagram, there are many apps that can help you create your artistic stories through various templates, animations and captivating graphics!

    It is true that Instagram Stories last only 24 hours, but no problem! It will be possible to save the most important and already published Stories by inserting them in the Featured Stories, which will appear directly on your profile!

    Are you ready to create your Instagram Stories?


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