Interview with Luca Beatrice, Head of the Art Rights Prize Painting Jury

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    Interview with Luca Beatrice, Head of the Art Rights Prize Painting Jury

    Art Rights Magazine, Media Partner of Art Rights Prize, the first International Digital Prize for Artists 3.0, presents every week the Judges that make up the Jury of Experts of the Art System and the Art Market.

    In the perspective of comparison and meeting between Artists and Art Professionals, the Jury of Art Rights Prize boasts the participation of 15 Judges who offer a personal and professional preview of the importance of Art Awards, advice on the best way to submit their candidacy together with the motivations that should push an artist to participate in an art award

    The Art world constantly confronts Artists with challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to bring out their artistic research in an increasingly global perspective.

    Participation in an Art Award for an Artist becomes a real CHALLENGE. Go beyond the walls of your atelier, cross the threshold of security, to enter the world of art and professionals, ready to welcome news with a critical and attentive eye.For this reason, according to Luca Beatrice, one of the best-known Curator and Art Critic, chosen in 2009 to curate the Italian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale of Art and author of critical texts on artists such as Mario Schifano and Mimmo Rotella, with great attention to the new generation of artists, the latter must have the courage to get involved.By participating in an art prize, with the use of the new means of communication of the web and social networks, which are opening up more and more to a global audience, artists today more than ever, can take advantage of the opportunities that are offered and better promote their art to support their career.

    In this interview as Head of Painting Jury for the Art Rights Prize, Luca Beatrice talks about what he expects to find in the artists’ applications and much more …

    Luca Beatrice

    Luca Beatrice was born in 1961 in Turin, where he lives.
    Professor in art history at the Albertina Academy in Turin, at the IAAD in Turin and professor of contemporary art and culture in Milan.

    Art critic and curator of exhibitions, he collaborates on the cultural pages of Il Giornale, he also writes on Tuttosport and Linkiesta.

    In 2009 he was chosen as curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale of Art.
    His latest book was published in May 2020, entitled “Art is freedom? Censorship and censors at the time of the web ”for Giubilei Regnani.
    In January 2021 the publication of “What art are you from? Ten lessons to understand the contemporary “(Rizzoli)

    1.For you, what importance does an Art Prize have in an artist’s career?

    An award is above all a challenge, the courage to get involved, to get one’s work out of the studio to confront the world.

    Many important artists have thus begun the first steps of their careers, some have gone very well, others less but what matters is the possibility of making themselves known and since the web has existed the possibilities have undoubtedly increased.

    2.What would you recommend to an artist who wants to participate in an Art Prize?

    To look around and to participate in those who deem best suited to represent their work. The prizes are not all the same but certainly today, together with calls and applications, they are an important alternative to the “physical” system of fairs and exhibitions.

    3.What factors do you take into consideration when judging a nomination for an Art Award?

    A work that has ambition to be included in the contemporary world must be able to dialogue with the culture of its time. A work is never born by chance, it is the result of the relationships between things. Art is a relationship, said Roberto Longhi.

    A necessity, I would add. Personally I don’t like those who work too much on the news as much as those who want to deviate from the present, perhaps out of fear. And then, fortunately, there is the surprise effect, what you don’t expect and you find it in front of you.


    If you are an artist, what are you waiting for?

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