The new 10D Experience of the Casa Batlló

    The new 10D Experience of the Casa Batlló

    A spectacular visit made thanks to artistic and technological tools such as artificial intelligence.

    Casa Batlló, designed by Antoni Gaudí for a textile industrialist in Barcelona, ​​is an art nouveau jewel with around one million visitors a year, considered an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) since 1969 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

    In recent years, to return to its former glory, the house has undergone several restorations and the last of these involved a real digital transformation, all thanks to different tools such as Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, 3D sound and olfactory interventions.

    The end result is an immersive journey into the mind of Gaudí, which starts from the five human senses and develops into what the design team has defined as the first 10D experience in the world.

    “The new layout of Casa Batlló aims to preserve cultural heritage”, says the Casa Batlló team, “and to renew its narrative by betting on new technologies with the same innovative and disruptive spirit that characterized Antoni Gaudí”.

    The 10D expirience is spread over 2,000 square meters and also includes two new rooms: the Gaudí Dôme, a room with over 1,000 screens that explores the history of the artist and his relationship with nature, and the Gaudí Cube, room where he is present. a six-sided LED cube capable of changing the perception of reality.

    The latter presents the work “In the mind of Gaudí” by the artist Refik Anadol, created thanks to the material stored in the largest digital archive on Gaudí.

    It is not the first time that Casa Batlló has tried its hand at technology. In fact, during the period of forced closures, it created a virtual tour, which offers the opportunity to visit the complete building, or take a detailed visit to the main floor, the attic and the terrace.

    And you, are you ready to immerse yourself in the 10D Experience?


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