Madonna owns a painting that belongs to the city of Amiens

    Madonna owns a painting that belongs to the city of Amiens

    In the collection of the singer Madonna there is a painting that disappeared from France a century ago. Now the mayor of Amiens is asking for a loan of the work .

    From the Amiens Museum to the Madonna Salon “. With this title, the French newspaper Le Figarò published an investigative article a few days ago, which tells of the disappearance and then the fortuitous discovery of the work “Diana and Endymion” by the French painter Jérôme -Martin Langlois .


    According to the investigation by the journalist Eric Biétry-Rivierre, the work was commissioned to the artist Jérôme -Martin Langlois in 1819 by the French king Louis XVIII, then exhibited in the Palace of Versailles, the ancient residence of the kings of France a few kilometers from Paris. In 1873 it was bought by the French state, ending up in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

    In 1918 the painting disappeared during the bombing of the city of Amiens during the First World War, where it was displayed in the museum.


    World-renowned pop star Madonna, who just announced a new world tour “Madonna The Celebration Tour”, is an avid art lover and collector.

    His collection boasts works by Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat – with whom he has had a long relationship – and many other masterpieces displayed in the many residences he owns.

    Often the houses are sets for photo shoots for Madonna’s interviews and, according to what was reconstructed by Le Figarò, a curator of the Amiens Museum saw some photos published in 2015 by the magazine Paris Match on the occasion of an interview with Madonna.

    In the photo, behind the singer, a large canvas is partially visible: Diana and Endymion by the French painter Jérôme -Martin Langlois.

    According to the investigation, the painting was duly acquired by Madonna in 1989 for $1.3 million at an auction at Sotheby’s.


    The mayor of Amiens, Brigitte Fouré, in a video message posted on Facebook, asked Madonna to loan the work for 2028.

    We ask you to lend it to us at least for the exhibition that will take place in 2028 when we will be European capital of culture ”.

    No response has been received from Madonna at the moment.


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