Moncler and Art


    The Moncler fashion brand also uses the values of art to promote itself and elevate its image.

    Sensing the possible union between visual strength and style, the Moncler fashion brand uses the artistic imagination to build advertising campaigns, organize events and creative sessions in collaboration with international artists from diverse backgrounds.

    Remo Ruffini, President and CEO of Moncler, has revolutionized the brand’s digital and offline communication, associating the traditional values of the fashion house with those of art, intended as a place of inspiration and experimentation.

    We had proof of this in November 2019 when, to celebrate the opening of Moncler House of Genius, the house asked the famous artist Vanessa Beecroft to make a special performance.

    So in Milan, in the central setting of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an exciting happening saw models and dancers dressed in vintage Moncler jackets, a tribute to the autobiographical memories that link the artist to the brand.

    The performance of Vanessa Beecroft for Moncler at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele of Milan.

    The new Milanese store, like those in Paris and Tokyo, expresses all the creativity of the Genius collections: Francesco Ragazzi, curator of Moncler House of Genius, has imagined the sales area as an art gallery in which to install and display new works. Not only a boutique, but also a meeting place to get in touch with artists, designers and the Moncler community through a program of live performances and cultural events.

    During the last Milanese Fashion Week, Moncler inaugurated “The next chapter”, a project that consists in presenting the new collections through an incredible art installation divided into five rooms, each characterized by huge screens that project videos to tell the collections created by designers Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya and, finally, Hiroshi Fujiwara.

    All the video installations, which occupied the spaces of Fabbrica Orobia, were used by Moncler to show every detail of the garments that, on the screen, were assembled and disassembled in all their components.

    Not only creative pop up stores and artistic happenings, Art is also the protagonist of Moncler’s advertising campaigns. Famous was the one for the Autumn-Winter 2017/18 season, in which Moncler tells its story through the art of the Chinese artist Liu Bolin and the American photographer Annie Leibovitz, creating surreal and fantastic atmospheres in nature.

    Finally, the collaboration between Moncler and art extends to the world of charity, through the creation of an art toy. In 2008, in fact, the brand supported the Child Priority Foundation by creating the “Moncler Toy” (Moncler Toy), a work of art by British artist Stuart Semple, 160 cm high fiberglass, representing a cockerel, symbol of the brand for over fifty years.

    The work, after being exhibited worldwide, was sold at an auction inaugurated in favor of the association.

    And you, are you ready to discover Moncler’s upcoming artistic collaborations?


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