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    3 valid reasons why a Street Artist can participate in an Art Award

    Although they are reluctant to participate in prizes and competitions dedicated to them, even Street Artists over the years have chosen to participate in contests. Among the first to promote prizes for Street Art, the famous and mysterious BANKSY!

    Oh yes, because even Banksy years ago established the “Burner Prize” in London, a prize dedicated to graffiti artists, giving away 1,000 euros and a bronze statuette. Many people participate in the competition and among the finalists there are also names of some importance such as Take, Tox, the ATG crew and Cos, but the final prize and the statuette is won by Zomby.

    So here are 3 valid reasons for all Street Artists to participate in an art prize:

    1) Visibility and openness on the international scene

    An art prize offers young street artists the opportunity to enter a concrete and useful knowledge circuit to get involved, to make themselves known on the contemporary urban art scene at an international level.

    2) Create a network of contacts

    Taking part in the award allows you to create a network of direct contact with experts ready to discover young talents and to support them in their path.

    3) Experimentation and professional growth

    An art award represents a space open to experimentation and artistic contamination that allows for opportunities for effective growth, for example by winning participation in major festivals dedicated to street art, artistic residencies or support for the production and sale of limited edition works.

    Participating in an art prize, submitting works on canvas already performed, murals or graffiti already present in the urban environment, is an opportunity to receive prizes in support of the realization of the works, get in touch with real enthusiasts and get support at an international level

    And you, if you are a Street Artist, what are you waiting for?

    Photo credits: Pexels


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