Prizes, competitions and art residences

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    Prizes, competitions and art residences are important opportunities for artists to pursuit and factors to consider for gallery owners and collectors.

    Here is why…

    Prizes, competitions and art residences, both nationally and internationally, can be important career certificates for gallerists and collectors that consider within the Curriculum Vitae.

    Artists and their works are constantly subjected to the evaluation of professionals – curators, gallery owners and collectors – and of the public.

    In the wake of these evaluations, the choice to insert the works of an artist within a collection or exhibition is being taken.

    The awarding of prizes, the winning of competitions or the participation in prestigious residences become indexes of evaluation and validation in the art world.

    In addition to the issue of certificates, the provision of cash prizes, the publication of catalogs and the eventual display of works, prizes, competitions and art residences allow the artist to get in touch with a vast network of professionals.


    The prizes are fundamental for the artist, because they are a validation by the artistic community. Usually prizes are awarded by public or private institutions that select, through a jury of experts, the participating artists, whose works are exhibited in favor of public vision, before the winner is proclaimed.

    For the winning artist there is a sum of money, sponsorship and support in the creation of a personal exhibition. Often, the works exhibited by the artist awarded by a private company are acquired in the related Corporate Art Collection.


    Art competitions, also known as calls for artists, are different from prizes because they are open to artists, often emerging, selected according to criteria such as age, geographical origin, artistic medium and other specific characteristics of the call.

    The judgment will be expressed by a committee of experts and to participate it is often required to pay a registration fee.

    Competitions often perform the function of talent scouting for galleries that want to find and promote artists who are still little known.


    Art Residencies are a growing trend that mainly involves artists and art curators, who find themselves operating within external contexts to create a comparison and pursuit the opportunity for change.

    During a residence, which can last from a week to a year, the artist is hosted in a place other than the usual one, to develop his artistic practice. Residence allows the artist to build a network of contacts, deepen his research and learn new techniques. In addition, by comparing the other artists participating in the program and the visiting curators, the artist learns to communicate and synthesize his work better. The residences are promoted by public and private bodies to support artists or exhibition projects. At the end of the residences, an exhibition is planned to present the works carried out on that occasion, which are often acquired by the organizing body.

    There is also no shortage of residency projects for artists promoted by private companies such as I.D.E.A. Indipendent Domus Exhibiting Art curated by Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects, who told all the details in last interview of Andrea Concas for the format #ArteConcasTALKS.

    And you, are you ready to take your chance?

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