Profession: Art Curator

    The professional who values ​​the artist and his works

    Among the professionals in the art world, there is the art curator with the task of enhancing the artist and making his art accessible to the public.

    Let’s find out how and why.

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    The art curator captures the essence of the works, comparing himself with the artist – if alive, knowing his story, proposing an exhibition project and then presenting it to the public. For this reason, the curator becomes the interpreter of an artist and his works: his task is to present visually, through an exhibition, and verbatim, through a curatorial text, an artistic project to the public.

    For a curator, the exhibition becomes a moment to enhance an artist and make his art accessible to the public.

    In general, the curator must:

    • Get to know the artist and his art
    • Interpret the exhibition that the artist would like to create
    • Tell about the artistic project
    • Understand the correct positioning of the artist or the topic dealt with in the social, artistic and cultural context  

    Sometimes, in the figure of the art curator, the will of museums, conservatories, collectors, gallery owners or managers of public offices converge.

    For many young people the role of the curator is coveted and highly sought after, although too often it finds expressions that are not always balanced in language and form.

    The curator, especially if independent, is responsible for complex work, which requires a well-structured knowledge of the subject matter of the exhibition and more generally of the entire organizational and exhibition path. Furthermore, among the skills required, there are mediation, good relationship and communication skills, as well as an excellent knowledge of the history of art.


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