Profession:Exhibit Designer


    The Exhibit Designer takes care of the design of the installations of the works for exhibitions or major events, such as art fairs.

    The Exhibition Designer, which offers skills and support to gallery owners and artists to increase the quality of the exhibition and enhance the use of the works of art.

    He is an architect, endowed with an enlarged planning capable of transforming space into a communication device, often grafted with new digital technologies. In fact, while maintaining a clear professionalism, this professional must be able to face the creative project in a profoundly transversal framework of skills, roles and technologies.

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    The Exhibit Designer is dedicated to the design of museum displays, contemporary art exhibitions and expositions of an artistic and cultural nature. From the museum layout as a narrative space to the design of the commercial spaces of art galleries, the exhibition layout with a great communicative impact on the exhibition space capable of exploring the potential of technological innovation.

    It is able to create exhibition paths based on interactive and immersive technology, with the aim of increasing the visitor experience. In fact, thanks to the knowledge of the flows and the exhibition routes, the set-up expert determines the most effective, engaging and appropriate methods to improve the usability and enhance the works of art.

    Exhibition design is a collaborative process, which integrates the disciplines of art, architecture, graphic design, audiovisual engineering, digital media, lighting, interior design to develop a fruition experience that aims to involve the user.

    Throughout the planning and design process, the Exhibit Designers work closely with artists and curators, gallery owners, graphic designers, technical specialists, audiovisual experts and communication professionals.

    In the last decade Exhibit Designers have paid more and more attention to the experience of visitors, to ensure the best use of the work of art in full respect of distances, points of view, color and light.


    Even now, with the growing development of virtual exhibitions, online viewing rooms and virtual tours, the figure of the Exhibition Designer will be able to derive new stimuli to plan new types of use of art, using more than ever new technologies.

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