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    Who is an art gallery assistant and what does he do

    hen you enter an art gallery, in all likelihood the first person you will come across will be a gallery assistant.

    The gallery assistant is an art professional who could work in a private art gallery or in a public facility.

    To be a gallery assistant it is not always essential to have a degree in a humanistic subject, such as art history, but it is vital to nurture a strong passion for art.

    Among the skills of a Gallery Assistant are:

    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Versatility and resourcefulness
    • Communication skills and ability to create interpersonal relationships
    • Graphic and creative skills
    • Skills on social media and with digital software

    Its tasks, in most cases and for small to medium-sized tunnels, are varied and far-reaching, but often include activities such as:

    • Reception of visitors and collectors in the gallery
    • Support in the organization and preparation of exhibitions
    • Correspondence, or management of phone calls and emails
    • Management of relations with artists
    • Contacts with journalists
    • First contact with collectors
    • Handling of paperwork for participation in art fairs
    • Communication, web page updating and social media management
    • Support for shipping and handling of artworks
    • Cataloging and archive of works and contacts

    In order to effectively carry out the activities of a Gallery Assistant it is necessary for the gallery to provide tools to support the management and organization of work, especially with regard to database management and the archiving processes of works of art.

    Among these we find Art Rights, a platform that guarantees the best services for the management and certification of works of art in full security and privacy in support of the staff of an Art Gallery.

    And you, did you know the profession of Gallery Assistant?

    Photo credits: “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery on April 14, 2014. Courtesy of LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images.

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