– Learning for the art world becomes digital

    The world of art is changing and thus new opportunities and professional figures are emerging which are increasingly required to have transversal skills in the economic, legal, marketing or communication fields.

    New and “old” professionals face future challenges, looking at the world of art as an opportunity for growth and development, not only professional, but of society.

    Unprecedented opportunities open up, also in the learning field for the world of art that becomes digital, such as the first online community based on the meeting, updating and orientation towards the art professions.

    To operate successfully in a complex world such as that of the market and the art system, it is necessary to know its dynamics, specific variations, regulations, protagonists and to build a dense network of contacts.

    In addition to the well-known figures of archeologists, art historians, critics, gallery owners, curators, new professions such as those of Art Advisor, Registrar, Art Lenders, Art Lawyers and the Exhibition, Wealth, Social Media, Risk e Art Collection Manager are coming up.

    With the great national and international professionals of the art world come together to share their experience, giving life to a 3.0 learning system, dedicated to those who want to professionally approach the world of art.

    The journalist Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti, Marta Giani of Sotheby’s, the curator Maria Chiara Valacchi, Andrea Concas CEO and Founder of Art Rights, the lawyers Giuseppe Calabi, Annapaola Negri-Clementi, Angela Saltarelli, the exhibition registrar Linda Pacifici of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, the tax expert Roberto Castoldi of Studio Nobolo, the gallerist and collector Sveva D’Antonio are just some of the professionals who confront each other every day and make their skills available in online vertical lessons.

    The Web is changing the rules of communication, the market and now also of learning, making the world of art more accessible.

    To keep up with the times, technology must be used as a tool for transmitting increasingly specific, experiential and interactive learning.

    The innovative online community presents the unprecedented experiential learning system MEET, LEARN, WORK for the transfer of skills based on webinars, e-learning, video-courses and live workshops, entirely dedicated to art professionals. was born from a vision of Andrea Concas, art entrepreneur, communicator and author of the book “ProfessioneARTE – I protagonisti, le opportunità di investimento, le nuove sfide digitali published by Mondadori Electa, out on January 28, 2020, the first guide that presents the entire Art System, focusing on new professional skills and opportunities, exploring the market, talking about valorisation and social networks, revealing the protagonists, investment opportunities, new digital challenges, as an unprecedented point of view and access key for those who want to turn art into a profession.

    The learning offer of uses the typical tools of e-learning, which have never been used in the art world until now, such as:

    • ART WEBINAR: vertical live online lessons lasting about 1h, which take place on the platform, accessible from PCs, smartphones or tablets and addressing specific topics based on best practices and case studies lived in the experience of the teachers. Comfortably from home or from your office, you can participate in the lesson, ask questions and receive live answers, view the in-depth slides and view the recorded sessions.
    • VIDEOCOURSES: to meet the need for timely and on-demand training. Each video course is structured in single modules and accompanied by info-graphics, slides and punctual information provided by professionals to offer a 360 ° knowledge on the issues addressed.

    Once again, Art & Technology change the world of art, this time to train, orientate and update on tomorrow’s art professionals.

    And you, are you ready to turn art into a profession?



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