Protection, Enhancement and Promotion of Art


    The three aspects of asset management that you need to know to do Cultural Marketing

    Art Rights Magazine in collaboration with ArtBackers.Agency devotes the first column to Cultural Marketing, to discover digital strategies for art professionals and its protagonists.

    The column to get a preview of the techniques, methodologies and secrets of communication: a key to access the world of Art 3.0.

    Protection, valorization and promotion are the guiding concepts that those who work in the field of cultural marketing must know in order to manage and communicate art. 

    See what they mean.

    Protection means any action, following adequate cognitive activity, to recognize, protect and preserve the assets of our cultural heritage, so as to ensure public enjoyment.

    For a museum, protecting an asset means safeguarding its integrity to preserve the memory of the community and its territory.

    For a contemporary art fair, protecting a work of art means protecting it from the risk of possible damage, in view not only of its public fruition, but also of an act of sale.

    The protection, is then closely related to the concept of enhancement, through which we want to make the asset usable and accessible to a more or less vast and heterogeneous public, to expand its knowledge. 

    In the art world, this is possible not only through a museum or gallery show, but also through free access to a private collection or an artist’s studio.

    In addition to protection and enhancement, there is also the promotion of art, without which the public would hardly come into contact with the property.

    Protection, valorization and promotion are aspects with different but closely interconnected goals that must be taken into consideration when choosing to implement a cultural marketing strategy.

    Take a museum, how can an institution promote its collection while respecting the protection of the asset? 

    First of all, starting to structure itself with a greater digital presence and offer for the enhancement and management of heritage. Recovering the technological gap, making use of a digital strategy and innovation is the first step towards greater accessibility, while respecting the integrity and preservation of the heritage.

    Is it also possible for artists to enhance their work through a digital strategy? Sure, but how?

    Taking into consideration the intrinsic values of Art, the instances and objectives of the individual artist, both commercially and culturally.

    For this reason, the choice of communication channels, storytelling and images that must reflect and respect the values of the sector and the target audience becomes fundamental.

    What about a gallery or art business?

    For these realities, which follow commercial dynamics more closely, having an effective cultural marketing strategy is just as crucial.

    Since the purpose of these realities is primarily related to the sale of a “cultural product or service”, there is necessarily the need for a “cultural mediation” between supply and demand, which takes into account the many effects that the promotion of heritage has on the economy of the territory and at the social level. 

    We therefore understand well that protection, valorization and promotion constitute an inseparable triad, fundamental for building a cultural marketing strategy with specific methodologies, which can only be implemented thanks to the skills of professionals in the field.

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