Ship the works with one click thanks to Art Rights and Fercam Fine Art

    Ship the works with a click thanks to Art Rights and Fercam Fine Art

    Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art present the first integrated online service at affordable prices for the transport of works of art.

    Behind the scenes of an art exhibition, an exhibition, a museum or a collection, a very large number of professionals, technicians and companies intervene, involving almost 400,000 operators for a market of over $ 50 billion in exchanges and related movements of artwork.

    Services for art are constantly growing: over $ 20 billion is the estimated expenditure on ancillary services, legal, insurance, storage, transport, conservation or restoration of works of art. The volume of packaging and shipping services, according to the latest UBS Art Market Report 2021, is worth 14% of art services worldwide.

    In a historical moment of great change, where in the last year online and remote sales have risen by 25% despite a declining market, attention is increasingly being paid to new logistical solutions to allow the handling of the works art at sustainable prices and in complete safety.

    Art Rights continues to support the world of art, between physical and digital, focusing on integrated and automated services, offering for the first time on the shipping market, characteristics typical of fine art, but at affordable prices for artists, collectors. , galleries, museums and auction houses.

    Foto: Fercam Fine Art by Pierpaolo D’Angelo

    Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art together to innovate and automate the logistics market in the art world.

    The exclusive agreement now offers the possibility to ship works of art of different value throughout Italy, thanks to an exclusive and innovative online service.

    Art Rights with FERCAM Fine Art have studied four “turnkey” solutions to ship the works in total safety starting from 120 euros, with the possibility of requesting any type of specific service: paperwork handling, packaging, collection and scheduled delivery , according to the needs and higher quality standards required by sector operators.

    Within the platform, in complete safety and with a simple click, you can request the shipment of one or more works of art, receiving, without obligation, a quote designed specifically for your specific needs.

    Furthermore, for all Art Rights subscribers there is a 10% discount to be applied to all the works in the Art Manager.

    Art Rights is creating the largest online community of services for art on a single platform, where every day thousands of artists and professionals in the sector interact with each other and certify their works thanks to Blockchain technology.

    The synergy between Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art represents a response to the new post-pandemic 3.0 art market.

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