The Agencies for Artists

    The Agencies for Artists

    Let’s find out what Artist Agencies are and how they work.

    In the world of art, there are professionals who are able to accompany the growth of an artist from the beginning to career success: among these the Artist’s Managers.

    In Italy these are still not very widespread realities, but abroad the most influential Artist Managers have created real Representation Agencies that invest in the Artist and support his growth path.


    • Offers advice to strategically develop an artist’s career;
    • It supports the costs of their study and artistic path;
    • It takes care of the administrative, commercial and bureaucratic aspects in collaboration with other professionals;
    • Create partnerships by bringing together Artists and Brands, Public and Private Bodies, Galleries and Institutions to carry out cultural projects;
    • They offer collectors investment opportunities by purchasing the works of the artists represented;
    • Supports the artist in sales negotiations;
    • It promotes the image and activity of an artist internationally, offering media visibility.


    Each month, the Agencies select a large number of Portfolio received by the artists, which will be read and viewed by a Selection Committee and which will choose the artists who present a unique artistic research, the use of the most innovative techniques, stimulating contents and strong messages.

    Being represented by an Agency for Artists is a great opportunity, which allows you to increase your artistic reputation, gain greater visibility and transform a passion into a real profession.

    Among the agencies for artists currently operating we find MTArt Agency, founded in 2015 by Marine Tanguy.

    MTArt Agency is an award-winning agency that promotes the most innovative emerging artists on the international art scene. It currently has four offices in London, Paris, Madrid and Munich.

    In addition to having a Portfolio made to perfection, before presenting to an Agency for Artists it is necessary to have order among your works, which means having a complete and updated Works Archive available, containing the documentation for sale such as the Certificato di Autenticità or even the contracts.

    With Art Rights, the first professional platform for the management and certification of works of art with Blockchain technology, you can build your own Digital Archive in total privacy and with maximum security: in fact, all information relating to the works will be accessible only to you. and to the user inside or outside the platform with whom you decide to share them.

    In addition, through the Art Concierge of Art Rights you can find the best professionals to request specific advice and services dedicated to the career of an artist

    Photo Credits: MTArt Agency

    And you, do you want to present your art to an Agency for Artists?

    Start certifying, managing and enhancing your art now with Art Rights!

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