The Art copywriter: the writing professional


    An increasingly important figure in the digital strategies of museums, professionals and artists.

    We’ve already talked about the importance of copywriting and its use in the art world, but it’s just as important to understand who the copywriter is, what their skills and professional background are in order to be able to communicate effectively in the art world. 

    The copywriter is a figure specialized in communication and marketing, with a great knowledge of the language of advertising, especially in persuasive writing techniques, as well as a great mastery of spelling and grammar. 

    Its goal is to produce emotional textual content that creates engagement with potential customers while communicating the company’s values in clear, concise and effective language. 

    She can write both content for web and social, as well as press releases, brochures, posters, and marketing materials of various kinds. 

    To become an art copywriter though, you also need to have a specific background, gained through humanities studies or experience in the field. 

    The skills a copywriter for art should have are: 

    • Knowing the “artistic product”: whether it be works of art, exhibitions and events, or professional services, the copywriter must understand that it is an experiential/emotional product, i.e. linked more to emotions than to certain “physical” characteristics; 
    • Have a great spirit of collaboration: especially within museums, foundations and art galleries, during exhibitions and events, the copywriter must work closely with artists and curators, in order to best convey the concepts and message through other physical and online channels;
    • Have SEO skills: the copywriter must know how to optimize online content for search engines. This means staying on top of keywords and search volumes specific to the art world; 
    • Have a great passion for art: it seems obvious, but to be a good art copywriter you need to know the field in which you want to operate, going to exhibitions and events, reading publications and articles to refine more and more your “artistic writing”. 
    • An extra skill: the copywriter for art, to be a complete figure, must also know how to elaborate and write Curriculum, Statement and Portfolio, a service that is increasingly requested, especially by emerging artists who want to present their work to galleries or other entities.

    The copywriter for art is a multifaceted figure, constantly updated, able to communicate, through words, those values typical of Art and Culture.

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