The Art Startups

    When change arises from a Vision

    Identifying a “gray area” in a specific market, having an idea, transforming it into a business opportunity, with a scalable and replicable model generating a profit is the primary purpose of a startup.

    The model does not change if the startup itself is focused on art and its multiple variations, both in production and in services.

    A startup is a new company with a great state of innovation, born according to a scalable business model, that is, of strong growth in international market contexts.

    What are the purposes of a Startup?

    • Respond to a market question with an alternative idea or vision;
    • Create a replicable and scalable business model to implement that vision
    • Make profit;

    The innovative processes of a startup necessarily go through the “validation phase”, during which, in order to create a working prototype of the vision, support with economic investments is required.

    These can come from banks, business development centers or investors called business angels.

    When the startup is able to compete with the leading companies in a specific sector, we can talk about disruption, which consists in the “destruction” of consolidated businesses in favor of the growth of startups offering new services or goods, in new ways and more efficient.

    Creating a startup is a demanding challenge – studies show a failure rate of 96% – 9 out of 10 startups do not exceed the third year of life.

    In Italy, art startups are recognized as “innovative startups” for their contribution in terms of innovation and development.

    In the cultural sector, numerous startups were born for the production of technologies and the provision of services, with an ever closer link between art and innovation, to act in the system and in the art market with dynamics somewhat reluctant to change.

    Today, out of more than 5 thousand Italian museums, 27% do not have any digital visit support service, as well as no online presence or on social networks.

    The Digital Innovation Observatory in Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Polytechnic of Milan has estimated that in Italy there are about 67 tourism startups, 78 of cultural tourism, 27 of art.

    So how is it possible to innovate the art world?

    What processes are at the heart of an art startup’s vision?

    Identify new opportunities, implement them quickly, find new services and new opportunities to give concrete answers to unresolved needs, such as the digitization of contents and artworks, the improvement of the services offered by the operators or systems certifying the authenticity of the artworks.

    Among the best known art startups we find Art Backers, whose motto is “Support art and support artists”. Art Backers, in fact, it is an innovative artisanal startup, which operates in the art and culture sector.

    It supports artists, public and private bodies in the production of artworks and limited editions, intervenes with marketing, communication and copyright protection services.

    And you, are you ready to discover a new vision of art?


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