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    The advantages of art through catalogs and virtual tours in museums around the world!

    Twenty-seven seconds, this is the average time spent in front of a work of art exhibited in a museum. What if science has shown that looking at a work of art is good for health?

    Let’s find out how through virtual tours …

    Art is good for health: science says it!

    This is in fact the conclusion that we read on the WHO report – World Health Organization, – for the Europe, where evidence has been analyzed in over 900 global publications.

    In its report, WHO examines the artistic activities that aim to promote health and prevent diseases, as well as to manage and treat physical and mental diseases.

    WHO Regional Director for Europe, doct. Piroska Östlin, says that bringing art into people’s lives through creative activities or visiting museums can improve physical and mental health.

    Today more than ever, museums and institutions around the world are opening up to digital changes, offering new opportunities to visit entire collections of art.

    You can do it just with a click!

    In Milan it is the Pinacoteca of Brera and in Rome the Vatican Museums who offer digital catalogs to discover their works, in Florence the Uffizi Gallery presenting a browsing between the high definition images of the virtual exhibitions chosen by the staff.

    Abroad is the Louvre Museum of Paris where you can move through the rooms thanks to online tours, in London you can explore the large collection of the British Museum while in Washington the Smithsonian Museum leaves “open”, at least virtually, the doors to its visitors.

    It is said that culture can save the world, which is why it is now clear that art can help the human being.

    And you, are you ready to discover the benefits of art?


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