The book “Crypto Art – Begins” at MEET in Milano

    The book “Crypto Art – Begins” at MEET in Milano

    For the eleventh edition of BookCity Milano, The NFT Magazine presents a preview of ” “Crypto Art – Begins” at the MEET Digital Culture Center, the first Phygital book that tells of the exciting movement of Crypto Art through the history and works of 50 Crypto Artists who contributed to the birth of this new world.

    The presentation scheduled for Saturday 19 November at 4 pm at MEET in Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 – open to all upon registration – will be moderated by Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of MEET with Andrea Concas Founder and Publisher of The NFT Magazine with the Curator Eleonora Brizi.

    Together with them, numerous speakers will alternate on the stage of the MEET, a meeting entirely dedicated to the discovery of Crypto Art and its protagonists. Among the guests there will also be some of the artists of the book such as Kevin Abosch, Bard Ionson, Anne Spalter, Lawrence Lee, George Boya, Giovanni Motta, Mattia Cuttini and many others.

    There will be collectors and professionals in the sector, such as Amelia Tomasicchio CEO of The Cryptonomist, Alessandro De Grandi, CEO and Founder The Nemesis and Martin Lukas Ostakowski, the first Historian of Crypto Art.

    On the occasion of the presentation, the Crypto Art System will be discussed for the first time Art, theorized by Andrea Concas with which we go beyond technological solutions, identifying its protagonists, and the dynamics behind this revolution between communities, digital platforms and artists.

    Through the dialogue with the artists and their works, the visions, the aspirations, the complexities, as well as the limits of a world that is all in the making and to be discovered emerge.

    The curator Eleonora Brizi, pioneer of the movement, who lived side by side with the artists, in unsuspected times, tells it about the remarkable evolution and rise of Crypto Art, even before the disruptive descent into the market.

    In the digital age, between NFT and Metaverses, “CRYPTO ART – Begins ” represents innovation in Publishing thanks to Web3.

    The book will be available not only on bookshelves but also in the Metaverse, thanks to the collaboration with The Nemesis which presents a virtual reality exhibition of all the artists involved accessible thanks to an NFT.

    The book “CRYPTO ART – Begins ” is available in Italy from November 15, 2022, and in the United States in 2023 for Rizzoli New York and on the website through NFT.

    CRYPTO ARTE, we are only at the beginning …


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