The Final Exhibitions of the Prizes


    The moment when an artist can really get involved

    It is said that art awards are important for the career of an artist because they offer visibility and opportunities for comparison at an international level.

    But how does this happen?

    Thanks to the Final Exhibition, the final moment of each art prize, which can take place through an exhibition in a physical place or, thanks to the support of cutting-edge digital platforms, in virtual reality and 3D.

    The Final Exhibition is a showcase of excellence for contemporary artistic production at an international level, offering not only visibility but also networking opportunities.

    The Final Exhibition is a unique opportunity for an artist at the beginning of his career or already established to be able to:

    • confront with other artists
    • live an experience of healthy competition
    • interact with a varied audience of art lovers and potential collectors
    • expand his network of professionals in the sector such as curators, museum and gallery directors but not only
    • get involved to boost his career

    The final exhibitions are almost always group exhibitions, organized according to the theme of the award or with the aim of providing an overview of the current state of international contemporary art.

    Often the exhibition arises from the curation of a professional or from the collaboration of international jurors who have evaluated and selected all the candidates.

    The exhibition of the works is divided by theme, by technique (painting, sculpture, installation, etc.) and generally each artist has their own dedicated space with the works in competition, to better facilitate the understanding of their research.

    The final exhibitions are also opportunities for in-depth study and training through a program of side events such as conferences, talks, workshops and educational initiatives that offer artists and visitors various opportunities to meet and discuss the various aspects of art.

    Is it possible to sell your works during the final exhibitions?

    Not always…

    The choice to consent to the sale or to the exhibition of the works only depends on the provisions of the organizing body, which you can read in the Regulations of the Art Award.

    Last but not least, the final exhibitions, which can last up to one or two months, include an awarding event for the winners, at which time the participating artists reach the pinnacle of their visibility.

    And you, are you ready to get involved in a Final Show of an award?

    Photo credits: Pexels


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